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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Pi-Rat by Maxine Lee


Who's the most rascally rat to sail the seas? It's Pi-Rat of course! Ahoy there! Meet Pi-Rat and his swashbuckling crew. They're brave, bold and nothing scares them. Well, almost nothing...Children will love joining Pi-Rat and his crew on their adventures on the Soapy Dodger. A hilarious tale packed with mischievous pirates, cheeky fun and plenty of swashbuckling. Perfect for any little pirate-fan and full of fun for any reader, young or old, this tale of sailing the seven seas on the Soapy Dodger includes an unexpected bathtime twist!

Pirate stories appear to be very popular with children of all ages and therefore when I see a new one published I am looking for something a little bit different to make the book a hit. Pi-Rat does this very well and I am sure it will be a big hit.

The story is told in very few words, and has big, colourful and blocky illustrations, making it perfect for young children. It is a story which when read aloud will encourage the storyteller to adopt the pirate accent and become a pirate themselves.  

I believe that the story will be perfect for children of many ages, as there is limited words to the story it allows the children's imagination to run wild and make up their own storyline or to share during a story time.

This book is also part of the Little Tiger 'Reading Rocks' campaign and there is further resources available for the selected books here:

Thank you to the publishers, Caterpillar Books, for sending me the book to review. 

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