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Blog Tour - Created the Destroyer by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir

Created, the Destroyer (eBook): Number 1 in Series

Sentenced to death for a crime he didn't commit, ex-cop Remo Williams is rescued from the electric chair at the eleventh hour and recruited by a secret government organisation named CURE. From this moment, he ceases to officially exist. From now on, he will be an assassin, targeting criminals who are beyond the law. Remo's trainer is a grouchy old Korean named Chiun, whose masterey of the terrifyingly powerful martial art of Sinanju makes him the deadliest man alive. Together Remo and Chiun set forth on their epic, impossible mission to vanquish every enemy of democracy - every bad guy who thinks they can escape justice. This is a new era in man's fight against the forces of evil. This is the time of the Destroyer. Breathlessly action-packed and boasting a winning combination of thrills, humour and mysticism, the Destroyer is one of the bestselling series of all time.

I am a big fan of Lee Child, Jason Bourne and other books with strong male leads who don't live by the rules and when I heard about Remo Williams, I was hoping to find another man to add to my list. And I wasn't disappointed!

When I read the synopsis sent to me I will admit I was unsure - I didn't believe that it would be believable but it was. An ex cop on death row, who was due to be sent to the electric chair but is visited by a monk who gives him a black tablet which he is told to bite on just before the button is pressed. This is just the start of the story as Williams is then send to a medical establishment where he is 'awakened' and he is trained as an assasin - how can he be traced if he is supposed to be dead! 

It is a great read, full of everything a reader wants from a debut read from an explosive new author and that is what get. And that is not all - Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir have actually written fifty ebooks in this series and they have all been released now for us to read! 

Thank you to the publishers, Little Brown, for including me in this blog tour - and I definitely recommend that everyone reads Created the Destroyer - I am sure you will all soon be hooked!

Blog Tour - Destroyer

Blog Tour - Viva Alice by Judi Curtin

Today I am pleased to welcome Judi Curtin to my blog. Judi is the author of Viva Alice which is the eighth book in her series of books about friends.

I asked Judi Curtin to tell me a little about her writing influences:

I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t read, so it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which writers had the greatest influence on my writing. I think it’s fair to say that, for better or worse, every word I read influenced me in some way.
As a child, I read anything I could get my hands on. I loved Enid Blyton for the carefree, adventurous world she portrayed. I loved CS Lewis, for his beautiful writing and wonderful, vivid imagination. I loved Heidi because of the descriptions of Heidi’s life on the alm. I loved What Katy Did, because Katy was such a wild, fun girl – the kind of girl I could only dream of becoming. I loved Little Women because of the poignant portrayal of a family struggling together through hardship. But even though I was such an avid reader, I made no serious effort to become a writer until I was in my thirties.
After school I studied English and German in university, (lots of books), and then I trained as a primary teacher. When I started my first job, a colleague advised me to always end the day by reading a story to the children. Her thinking was that the school day can sometimes be tiring and frustrating for the children (and for the teacher), and a few minutes of story-time would be a happy note on which to send the children home. This was great advice, and it turned out to be the favourite part of my day. I think it may also be why I finally sat down and started to write my first book.
Sometimes, despite my best efforts, my end-of-school-day book selections were not good. On those occasions, my reading was muffled by the scrape of chairs and the restless shuffling of scores of feet. Sometimes, even if I was mid-sentence when the bell rang, there was a danger that someone might be injured in the stampede towards the door.
When the book was right, though, everything was different. I could reduce my voice to a whisper, and the children would strain to catch every syllable. I could pause, and look up to see the wonder on the children’s faces. The bell for home could ring and no-one would move. After-school hockey and ballet and swimming were all forgotten as the children willed me to turn the page and keep on reading.

Now, many years later, I can’t even remember who the most popular authors were. At the time, I was often surprised. They may not have been critically acclaimed award-winners, but they all had something in common – they made the children love books. So those were my true influences, the nameless authors who left my young pupils begging for more. In my dreams, I become one of them.

Thank you to Judi for visiting my blog today and to my readers, please check out my review of Viva Alice below.

Blog Tour - Viva Alice! by Judi Curtin (Book Review)

Viva Alice! - Alice and Megan 8

A new Alice and Megan story! Alice and Megan are back together again! When they are together, they can handle anything! Grace invites Alice and Megan to spend Easter in her house in Lanzarote. The girls are accidentally left home-alone for two days in the house. It's fun at first, until they become trapped on an upstairs balcony and spend a long cold night and day waiting to be rescued! Meanwhile Melissa is still unhappy at boarding school. Alice wants to help her to get back to their school, but Megan sees this as a betrayal. Tension mounts between the two girls, until Megan gives in and agrees to help. In the end, Melissa comes back, and Megan realises that she is confident enough to stand up to her.

This is the eighth book in the series by Judi Curtin about friends Alice, Megan and Grace. It is the first book I have seen and read by the author and I think this is a great series for girls aged 9+. It reminds me of Enid Blyton and her series' of books featuring groups of female friends. 

The book is a good series but it also has a number of messages behind the story too - friends sticking together, friends extending the hand of friendship and also helping others out of unhappy situations. All these are included within the book and added together they make for an eventful Easter holiday spent in Lanzarote. I also liked Megan's story, who is slightly embarressed about her family but soon realises that she has a fantastic family who, many outsiders, look at with envy - something which I think many children will find is the case about their own family!

It is a great book and as I have previously said, I have not read any of the other books in the series but I think it could be said that it is the modern day equivalent of some of Enid Blyton's school series about true friendship.

Thank you to Antonia Wilkinson, O'Brien Press and the author, Judi Curtin, for inviting me to be part of this blog tour and sending me the book to review.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Blog Tour - The Mill River Redemption by Darcie Chan

The Mill River Redemption
Having unexpectedly lost her husband and lacking the means to support herself, Josie DiSanti and her two daughters take refuge in the small town of Mill River, to live with Josie's aunt, Ivy. The sisters, Rose and Emily, are inseparable growing up - until a shocking tragedy tears them apart.

Years later, Rose and Emily return to Mill River for the reading of their mother's will, where they learn that Josie would do anything to force their reconciliation: the sisters must move into neighbouring houses for the summer and work together to locate the key to Josie's safe deposit box, which contains their inheritance. And so, left with no choice, Rose and Emily reluctantly begin their search. But in a place known for its magic and miracles, little do they know that an even greater treasure awaits them . . . 

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Mill River Recluse, comes this enchanting story of family, self-discovery, love and forgiveness.

I found this book difficult to get into initially, however once I got there I was engrossed! It is a cleverly writen book which has many twists, some which were obvious but some, one in particular, came from nowhere.

The story covers a large time span - It begins when Josie arrives in Mill River with two young daughters, in 1938 and it ends in 2013, when Rose and Emily (Josie's daughters) return to Mill River following Josie's death. The sisters are estranged following a tradegy but Josie's death brings them back together. I really enjoyed this story, it was very heartfelt and I felt for both Rose and Emily. 

The story is told in the third person and is told from multiple perspectives which I found really easy to read and I enjoyed seeing things from many peoples point of view - it really added to the story and I think I will be finding the author's back catalogue to find out more about Mill River and the characters within.

The town of Mill River was introduced in Darcie Chan's first book, which includes many of the characters which are included in the background of this book but this book focuses on Josie, Emily and Rose. It really is a feel good book which will keep the reader enthralled on a long weekend or the cool autumn evenings which are just around the corner.

The Mill River Redemption by Darcie Chan (Sphere) is now available as an eBook

Thank you to the publishers, Sphere, for sending me this book to review and for inviting me to be part of the tour. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Blog Tour - Quarter past two on a Wednesday afternoon by Linda Newberry

Quarter Past Two on a Wednesday Afternoon

It was the day when everything stopped. At quarter past two on a hot afternoon in August, Anna's beautiful, headstrong elder sister Rose disappears. Twenty years later, Anna still doesn't know whether Rose is alive or dead. In her early thirties now, she sees her future unfolding - with sensible, serious Martin and a grown-up, steady job - and finds herself wondering if this is what she really wants. Unable to take control of her life while the mystery of her sister's disappearance remains unsolved, Anna begins to search for the truth: what did happen to Rose that summer's day? The stunning first adult novel from the distinguished Costa Award winner.

This is Linda Newberry's first adult novel and it is fantastic, I really hope she writes more. The book is written from two perspectives, both Anna and her mother, Sandra. It is cleverly written and gives the author oppurtunity to explore how the whole family are affected when their daughter/sister goes missing and they don't get any answers. However, it becomes clear that Sandra is hiding things from her family.

The story is one of a family, torn apart by grief and constantly waiting for answers as to what has happened to their missing family member. There are many times of sadness throughout the book but the reader is also lead in many different directions and it is not until the end of the book that these individual strands meet up and the real story is told. Each character is affected by Rose's disappearance and I felt myself becoming entwined in the story very quickly. 

I am really looking forward to seeing what Linda Newberry writes next as this book is one of my favourites of the year so far. 

Thank you to the publishers, Doubleday, for sending me the book to review.

Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes

Love at First Stitch: Demystifying Dressmaking

Love at First Stitch gives you all the know-how you need to start making the dresses of your dreams. Written for novice stitchers by the author of the popular sewing blog Tilly and the Buttons, Tilly Walnes demystifies dressmaking for the generations that have never been taught to sew. This book presents the core sewing basics in an informal style, with Tilly's friendly and encouraging voice cheering the reader on throughout. Instead of overwhelming the novice dressmaker with theory, this book is about learning by doing. Each chapter presents practical tips and inspiration to guide you through creating a made-to-measure garment from one of the seven versatile and adaptable patterns included with the book, which can then be personalised to suit your individual style. Peppered throughout the book are Tilly's top sewing tips, including everything from what to look out for when buying - or borrowing - your first sewing machine, through how to behave in a fabric shop to appear like an expert, to techniques for pressing perfection.

I have enjoyed watching the brilliant Sewing Bee programmes on BBC2 and would love to have a go at dress making but have always felt nervous following a disasterous attempt to make a longline waistcoat at high school. However, when I received this book, I am feeling a little more positive (although I haven't bought fabric or dusted off my sewing machine just yet).

The book is very clearly set out. It is split into seven chapters - each based around making a specific garment. THere is an introduction which details the basic equipment list needed before beginning any project and also gives a rough guide to buying a sewing machine.

Each chapter's aim is to make one item: The Brigitte Scarf; Margot Pyjamas; Dephine Skirt; Megan Dress; Clemence Skirt; Mimi Blouse and Lilou Dress. There are photographs of each finished garment, along with variations of each project. The chapters begin with a technique section, which build up to make a fantastic skills course in simple dress making. The paper patterns for each project are also included (full size, with eight sizes included) along with step by step instructions. They are very clear and in both photographs and words. 

This would make a great gift for a wannabee clothes designer or tailor. It is perfect for teenagers or older people, the projects will suit all ages and the style of the book will appeal to all ages. It is written assuming that the reader is a complete novice and is neither confusing or assuming.

I received this book through the Amazon Vine Programme.