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Friday, 16 November 2018

Blog Blitz - Secrets Between Us by Valerie Keogh

Today I am pleased to be part of Bookouture's Blog Blitz to celebrate the publication of Valerie Keogh's 'Secrets Between Us'. 

41207404How safe are your secrets?

One letter a week for fifteen years. 780 identical white envelopes brimming with my sister’s darkest secrets. All the intimate details of a life as different to mine as could possibly be.

I read each letter slowly to make sure I understand it perfectly, one day very soon it will be a matter of life and death…

At the end of each letter, after signing her name, there is always one final sentence:

Don’t forget to burn this letter.

I’ll let you decide if I do…

A jaw-dropping psychological thriller that you will read in one sitting. If you loved dark, twisty thrillers like The Girl on The Train, The Couple Next Door and Friend Request, this unputdownable novel will have your heart racing long after you’ve finished reading.

When I was sent the details of this book I was intrigued from the start. It sounded like a book that I would enjoy and I really liked the idea of a series of letters being received that told me my sisters innermost thoughts and secrets - what would I learn about the girl I thought I knew and how would I feel about them?

I really enjoyed reading 'Secrets Between Us'. With three main characters telling the story, it started off slowly but the pace gradually increased as the story progressed, drawing me in and wanting to keep on reading. Clues are dotted throughout the book keeping the reader guessing and piecing it together while watching the story unfold.

This is a great read and I recommend to all. Thank you to Bookouture for inviting me to take part in the Blog Blitz and for a copy of hte book in return for an honest review. 

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Blog Tour - Some Old Bloke by Robert Llewellyn

Today I am very excited to take part in Robert Llewellyn's new book, Some Old Bloke.

When writer, comedian and Red Dwarf actor Robert Llewellyn's son scrawled a picture of him at Christmas and titled it 'Some Old Bloke', Robert was cast deep into thought about life and what it means to be a bloke and an old one at that.

In this lighthearted, revealing and occasionally philosophical autobiography, we take a meandering route through Robert's life and career: from the sensitive young boy at odds with his ex-military father, through his stint as a hippy and his years of arrested development in the world of fringe comedy, all the way up to the full-body medicals and hard-earned insights of middle age.
Whether he is waxing lyrical about fresh laundry, making an impassioned case for the importance of alternative energy or recounting a detailed history of the dogs in his life, Robert presents a refreshingly open and un-cynical look at the world at large and, of course, the joys of being a bloke.

Robert Llewellyn will always be to me Kryton in Red Dwarf but when I was asked to take part in the blog tour for his latest release, Some Old Bloke, I had to say yes and I am so glad I did! Throughout Red Dwarf Robert Llewellyn had a great dry sense of humour and this style continues throughout his writing and will leave the reader laughing out loud throughout the book. 

Some Old Bloke is a great read - it is one of those books that will have the reader laughing from start to finish and extracts will keep popping up in your head long after you have closed the book for the last time. 

It may be written with men in mind, however it will definitely appeal to both men and women as Robert takes the reader through what it is like to be a bloke. Robert reminisces of his childhood and early adult life and also about growing old(er).

There are some great sections about alternative energy which got me thinking and weighing up the pros and cons on the subject and is definitely a conversation starter.

Thank you to Anne Cater at Random Things Through My Letterbox Blog Tours and Unbound for inviting me to take part in the Blog Tour and a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Blog Tour - Dreaming of Christmas by T A Williams

Today I am pleased to be taking part in Canelo's Blog Tour to celebrate the publication of T A Williams new release, Dreaming of Christmas.

It’s the dream Christmas: snow, mountains… and, er, an ex-boyfriend. But can Zoe still find love in the Alps?

Dumped on Christmas Eve by her long-term boyfriend, it's been a rough year for Zoe Lumsley. But then she gets an invitation she can’t refuse: an all expenses paid skiing holiday with old university friends.
The bad news: her ex, Grant, will be there with his new girlfriend. But so will her former flatmate Billy, the organiser, and in the meantime he’s done rather well for himself. As Christmas in the Alps approaches, it'll be great to see the old gang. Some more than others...
Perfect for readers of Tilly Tenant, Holly Martin and Philippa Ashley, this is the perfect magical Christmas getaway from the bestselling T.A. Williams.
T A Williams always writes fantastic books which are set in great settings, and this one is set in the Alps, a beautiful back drop for another of Trevor's fantastic stories. Dreaming of Christmas is a great festive read which will get readers into the festive spirit, wishing that they too could be in the Alps.

To celebrate the publication of Dreaming of Christmas, T.A. (Trevor) Williams  has joined me on my blog and talks about his latest book, Dreaming of Christmas and just how useful a dog can be to a writer.

   When I say a dog can be useful to a writer, I am not talking about the undeniable health benefits for us humans of having a dog and taking it for regular walks. Particularly for writers, it is essential not to stay glued to the computer all day long. However, what I’m referring to is how a non-speaking character can be of practical help to a writer. It’s not just as an homage to my dear departed black Labrador, Merlin, that there’s always a dog in my books.   

 First of all there are the walks. Nothing could be more normal than for the main (usually female in my books) character to take the dog for a walk. This offers the writer the opportunity to get into the heroine’s head without it seeming contrived or boring. She can stop for a break, sit on a rock and chat to the dog. There’s no shame involved, we’ve all done it. Yes, all right, dogs aren’t renowned for their insightful comments or witty repartee, but they are damn good listeners – a lot better than me, for example (ask my wife). One person going for a walk alone could easily be construed as depressing, but with the company of the faithful hound, it’s quite acceptable. And when you’re out for walks, you can stumble over secrets, overhear things and see stuff you aren’t meant to see. All very useful for the writer.   

 The dog is also a very good catalyst. What I mean by this is that the dog can make things happen. For example, it can run off and lead the heroine into uncharted territory, where she maybe bumps into the hunky hero. The dog can push our heroine into the hero’s arms or drag her away at the crucial moment. Dogs can also embarrass the characters by jumping onto laps, upsetting plates or farting under the table. The Labrador puppy in Dreaming of Christmas is Austrian and, as such, could only ever be called Arnie. He has a thing for chewing shoes, and while doing this he manages to trip Zoë, our heroine, propelling her into the arms of Billy.     

Dogs are excellent readers of mood. Anybody who has a dog will know that they sense if we are unhappy, excited or lonely. There’s something very reassuring about having a big dumb animal pad across the floor to rest its head on your knee and gaze at you with its big brown eyes, the very end of the tail wagging in silent sympathy. Dogs, they say, are good readers of character. A dog in a book who growls at one of the characters is an easy way for the author to cast doubt in the readers’ eyes as to just how good a person this might actually turn out to be.
   And dogs are funny. Apart from tripping people up, dogs can raise a smile by stealing food, sticking a cold, wet nose into embarrassing places or knocking things over. And don’t forget that dogs can appear at the most inopportune moments. For a writer, dogs are comic gold dust.    Dogs can also have the opposite effect. Everybody who has ever had a pet knows the heartache that can be caused by a sick or lost animal. Dogs in books can introduce pathos just as easily as mirth. In short, the dogs in my books are vital components.   

 I hope you like Arnie the Lab and that you enjoy Dreaming of Christmas. I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope that shines through.   

Thank you to Canelo and Trevor for inviting me to take part in the tour and for a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Blog Tour - Roar by Cecelia Ahern

Today I am really excited to be taking part in the blog tour for Cecelia Ahern's must anticipated new release, Roar.

I am woman. Hear me roar.

A story for every woman: original, honest and thought-provoking, ROAR is Cecelia Ahern’s unforgettable story collection.

‘These stories sing and cry and shout and whisper from the page. They're sharp, clever, witty, and full of love, a joy to read’ – Donal Ryan

‘These provocative and witty stories prove it’s time to recognise Cecelia Ahern as one of our finest writers’ – John Boyne

With her trademark honesty, Cecelia Ahern gives us 30 stories about 30 women, all titled ‘The Woman Who…’, that capture the different facets of women’s lives.

Humorous, moving, surreal and poignant, the stories capture the moments the characters are overwhelmed by guilt, confusion, frustration, intimidation, exhaustion – private moments when they feel the need to roar.

From The Woman Who Slowly Disappeared to The Woman Who Returned and Exchanged Her Husband, discover an extraordinary collection that will resonate with women everywhere.

Each story showcases the originality of Ahern’s talent and the versatility of her voice. 

Cecelia Ahern has written a fantastic set of 30 individual stories, all of which have a strong female character, who are facing thoughts, feelings, worries, situations that are relevant to the 21st century modern woman.

Roar is one of those books that you can pick up and select a story at random, with the knowledge that Cecelia is going to give you a story that you will enjoy, will be thought provoking and stay with you for the rest of the day. 

Each story has taken on a theme that could face any girl or woman in today's modern world. There are many hard hitting topics covered in these 30 stories including self confidence, fertility, growing old, self doubt to name but a few. There really is something for any situation that a modern woman may face during her life - I can certainly relate to a number of the characters and I really enjoyed reading the stories and remembering times in my life, while others have, I hope, prepared me for situations or feelings that I might encounter and has given me a toolbox ready to face many different situations.

The book would make a great gift for any woman at any time in their life. It really is like a mini toolbox of good advice to give to a daughter or friend who is coming of age, leaving home, starting a new life elsewhere etc. I will be giving my daughter a copy for her to enjoy and hopefully for her to prepare for the big wide world.

Thank you to Harper Collins for inviting me to take part in this blog and for sending me a copy of the book in return for an honest review. 

Friday, 2 November 2018

Blog Blitz - One Way Ticket to Paris by Emma Robinson

When I was a kid and I’d lost something, my dad always said ‘Go back to the place you last had it’. The problem is that what I’ve lost is… me.
Kate loves her family more than anything, but recently she has started to feel invisible. Lying awake at three a.m. as her husband snores, panicking about shopping lists, birthday parties, and the school bake sale…

She finds herself in the kitchen, gulping water, staring at a postcard of the Eiffel Tower from Shannon, her best friend.

Paris, with its red wine, slippery cobbles and curly lamp posts. Where the scent of freshly-baked croissants hangs in the air, and Kate last remembers feeling like herself.

The postcard is a year old. It has just one line on it: When are you coming?

An inspiring, feel-good tale of friendship, love, and what happens when running away is the only way you can find your way home. Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Jane Green and Marian Keyes. 

Today I am really pleased to be taking part in Bookouture's Blog Blitz for Emma Robinson's new release, One Way Ticket to Paris.

I am sure 99% of women will be able to relate to Kate, who struggles to sleep at night as everything moves around in her head as she tries to make sense of everything, trying to relax but just thinking everything over and over. Kate, unlike others, remembers something her father said, when you have lost something, go back to the place where you last had it. Kate feels like she has lost her way and therefore books a one way ticket to Paris, to visit her best friend, Shannon. Add in Laura, a woman Kate meets on the Eurostar on the way to Paris, and there are three very different women who all need to make sense of their lives and decide upon the future ahead. 

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the characters, although I must admit, I couldn't imagine leaving my family to try and find my way in life. I would love to revisit Paris - I went there on my honeymoon and would love to return with my husband to revisit the sights and this book has definitely made those memories reappear.

The three main characters in this book all have very different lives and I think that all readers would be able to recognise their own friends within this book. It was great to see how the three ladies lives were all very different but they also all had some of the same thoughts and concerns within their lives.

Thank you to Bookouture for inviting me to take part in this Blog Blitz in return for an honest review of this book. I will be looking out Emma's back catalogue to catch up on her fantastic writing style. 

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Blog Blitz - The Christmas Wish by Tilly Tennant

Today I am really pleased to be taking part in Bookouture's Blog Blitz to celebrate Tilly Tennant's latest release ' The Christmas Wish'.

Christmas is coming but it doesn’t feel that way for Esme. Jilted by her cheating fiancée Warren and mourning the death of her beloved grandmother she’s determined not to let life beat her and books a trip to Lapland, on a holiday that her grandmother had always dreamed of taking.

Beneath the indigo skies of Lapland, love is the last thing on Esme’s mind but she can’t ignore a spark with Zach, a broodingly handsome actor, also nursing a broken heart. But when Esme is bombarded by messages from Warren promising he’s changed and she discovers that Zach is hiding something-will her head be turned? And when a trip to the northern lights reveals the full extent Zach’s own secret past is there any hope that Esme will get the happy ending that her grandmother wished for her?

I want to start by saying I loved the cover for this book. It is perfect and is exactly how i imagine the setting for the book. It is a great festive read and I am really loving all of Tilly Tennant's books at the moment! 

'The Christmas Wish' is a great read for this time of year, the build up to the festive period is in full swing and I love spending this time of year immersing myself iun as many Christmassy books as I can before the big day to get me in the Christmas spirit. 

'The Christmas Wish' has a bit of everything - there is grief coupled with undertaking one of her grandmothers dreams, relationship breakdown, the gorgeous setting of Lapland and possible new love interest, with the gorgeous but mysterious Zach, new romance,  and all set around the festive period. 

The synopsis to this book is really good and I would definitely have picked this book up to read, expecting a fun and light Christmassy read but I was pleased to find that the story contained much more and there are some important topics covered within the book too. 

Thank you to Bookouture for inviting me to take part in this Blog Blitz and a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Blog Blitz - One Dark Night by Tom Bale

He sees his wife’s eyes watching him in the rear-view mirror, the kids up on their knees to get a better look. That’s when he hears the scream…

You’re driving home from a family outing one afternoon, when a speeding car cuts you up, nearly causing you to crash. Like anyone would, you pull over to confront the driver.

But a glance into the backseat of the speeding car reveals a woman fighting to escape. She is terrified and she’s screaming for your help: these men have murdered her husband…

What would you do?
An addictive thriller with plenty of twists – fans of Harlan CobenJames Patterson and Robert Dugoni will be completely hooked. 

Today I am pleased to be part of Bookouture's Blog Blitz to celebrate the publication of Tom Bale's new release, One Dark Night.

I am a big fan of Tom Bale's and I think this is due to his writing style. He very cleverly writes in a way in which the reader is immediately hooked and can feel the tension rising as the plot thickens. The reader discovers clues in real time and feels part of the action. 

The story-line is of a family involved in a road rage incident when they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, a story-line that is uncomfortable and frightening but Tom approached it in a way that was interesting being a fly of the wall observing the fallout.There are parts of the story that, in reality, could be seen as far fetched, however this did not detract from the story-line, one which I really enjoyed, and the story flowed well. 

i am already looking forward to Tom Bale's next release.

Thank you to the publishers, Bookouture, for sending me a copy of the book in return for an honest review.