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Thursday, 8 August 2013

My First Dictionary (Letterland)

My First Dictionary

This colourful first dictionary introduces over 200 essential first words. Each word is illustrated and explained with a simple definition as well as a contextual sentence. There are icons to show which words can be 'sounded out' easily and Letterland phonics stories to help children learn and remember new spelling patterns. Useful extra reference pages include: colours, numbers, shapes, days, months, and words we use a lot. With the alphabet at the edge of every page and the Letterland characters' help, it is easy for children to find their way around this first dictionary.

Since my children have began to read and write I have tried to encourage them to use a dictionary when possible instead of keep asking what a word means or how to spell a word. It has helped them to learn how to use a dictionary and  following that, how to use a theasauraus. This book would of made the ideal first dictionary for them both as there are over 300 words, including 200 essential first words, included within the dicitionary: each word is contained in a 'box' and has a colourful picture of the item e.g. hat, orange, along with an easy to read definition. Each also contains a sentence using the word.

This book is part of the Letterland series, and therefore for each letter the dictionary contains the Letterland character and its spelling story, enabling parents to continue with the Letterland pronunciation of letters using these character names. Each letter is given at the start of each section of the dictionary - both the upper and lower case letter and every page within the dictionary contains a complete alphabet list down the side of the page.

At the back of the dictionary there are additional pages containing: 100 words we write a lot;the alphabet; days of the week; months of the year; seasons; shapes; colours; numbers; verbs (including a definition of a verb); a page of fun and games which help with navigation of the dictionary; and the Letterlanders.

I think that this is a fantastic first dictionary for primary school children - I would say it would be perfect for Reception and Key Stage 1 children (5-8 years), Not all schools utilise the Letterland scheme of learning how to read, my children's school didn't, however I think that this dictionary would be suitable for any child. 

Thank you to the PR for sending me this to review.

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