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Friday, 9 August 2013

Big Fright (Monstrous Maud) by A B Saddlewick

Monstrous Maud: Big Fright - Monstrous Maud 1

When Maud's pet rat, Quentin, escapes in the middle of science class, it's the very last straw. Maud is transferred from Primrose Towers to Rotwood Middle School - to the delight of her teacher, classmates and her perfect twin, Milly - but what is in store at Rotwood? There's something strange about the pupils of Rotwood - everyone's dressed as though it's Halloween and the school's motto is 'Because We Scare'. Is ten-year-old Maud Montague monstrous enough for Rotwood?

This is the first book in a series of books by A B Saddlewick based at Rotwood School, a school for pupils who are ...... monsters!

Maud and Millie are twins - except Millie is angelic and a ballerina and Maud is naughty and manages to get herself transferred to Rotwood School where nothing is as it seems.

This is the perfect book for girls who are fans of Horrid Henry, except I would say that it is suitable for 9+ because there are bits about vampires and werewolves which may lead to questions that younger children may not understand the answer to.

In my mind the book is perfect for girls who love Horrid Henry or for children who are beginning to show an interest in all things monsterish and vampires. 

I received this book through The Amazon Vine Programme.
The story is funny and perfect for fans of characters who are mischievousness and like getting into trouble. The only thing I can fault the book on is the lack of illustrations - although the book is for the older age group I would of liked to see a few cartoony style illustrations added.

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