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Monday, 26 August 2013

Dirty Bertie by David Roberts

Dirty Bertie

Bertie has shockingly dirty habits, from nose-picking to weeing on the flowerbed! Whenever he does anything dirty, Bertie's family shouts "No, Bertie! That's dirty, Bertie!". Will Bertie ever kick his horrible habits?

I have reviewed many Dirty Bertie books on my blog and they are a firm favourite in our house. However the books reviewed on the blog have all been chapter books, whereas this book is a picture book which will appeal to younger Dirty Bertie fans as well as lovers of the chapter books.

Dirty Bertie is celebrating ten years of making mischief this year. He has spent the last ten years amusing children of all ages with his revolting (and humorous) antics.

As previously stated this is a picture book and I believe it is an introduction to Dirty Bertie. It introduces readers to Bertie and his family and the everyday life of Bertie. It will appeal to children of all ages and will have children giggling while their parents silently repulse. 

I believe that this would make a great gift for children who enjoy being mischievous. 

Thank you to the publishers, Little Tiger Press, for sending me the book to review.

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