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Friday, 26 July 2013

Bear's Big Bottom by Steve Smallman and Emma Yarlett

Bear's Big Bottom

Bear was friendly, Bear was sweet, The nicest bear you'd ever meet! With little paws and little feet, And a very BIG bear bottom! Poor Bear! His bottom is causing chaos...Bump! Crash! Splat! Soon Bear is in great big trouble! Can he ever make it up to his friends? A hilarious story of bottoms, bears and animal friends that will have children giggling at Bear's bottom-based mishaps. From children's favourite Steve Smallman, author of Smelly Peter, the Great Pea Eater and The Monkey with A Bright Blue Bottom.

This is a funny book, written in rhyme and tells the story about a bear who has a big bottom.  Bear's friends are all upset when Bear's bottom smashes the presents and squashes the cake however Bear saves the day when Fox tries to bite the bottoms of his friends and have them for lunch!

As i have previously said, the book is written in rhyme and I can imagine that this book will soon become a storytime favourite, with older children picking up the rhyming sentences to help tell the tale. 

The illustrations which accompany the story are bright and colourful. They tell the story well and children will enjoy looking at each one and guessing what trouble Bear's bottom will get him into next.

In summary, this is a great rhyming story book which I think would be great for slightly older children to enjoy and the whole family will soon be reciting the rhyming sentences to tell the tale.

Thank you to the publishers, Little Tiger Press, for sending me the book to review.

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