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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Wild Rescue Avalanche Alert by J Birchett and S VOgler

Ben and Zoe's skills are put to the test when they are called to the rescue of those most elusive of creatures, a snow leopard and her cub. Following an avalanche, the big cats have been cut off from their territory and are surviving by eating sheep from a village. But now the locals have plans to protect their livestock by poisoning the leopards. It's down to the children to brave the sub-zero temperatures and treacherous slopes of the Himalayas, and lead mother and cub to safety.
This is great for animal lovers who want something more than the cute and cuddly animal stories which are flooding the book market.
Ben and Zoe's uncle runs Wild, a top secret organisation that looks after the wild, and endangered, animals in the wild. Wild has its own top secret, spooks like equipment, which help in their expeditions to save the world's wildlife.
In this book, Ben and Zoe are off to save a mother snow leopard and her three cubs which have been separated due to an avalanche. They set off to reunite mother and cubs, before the local village poison the animals who need to eat, before they get their livestock.
I found the book to be interesting, learning about the leopard and the story was well written. The rescue of the animals was slightly unbelievable, the gadgets more suited to an episode of Spooks for animals. I think children aged 7-9 would enjoy the adventure side of the story.
The book ends with a couple of pages of facts about the snow leopards which were very informative and interesting and I would like to read some of the other books to see how Ben and Zoe rescue other animals in the series.
Thank you to Jane at Stripes Books for sending me the book to review.

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