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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ian Marber How not to get fat

The principle behind How Not To Get Fat is simple: the most effective way to manage our weight is not to get fat in the first place! Instead of dieting, we need to learn how to eat, and in this follow-up to HNTGF, Ian Marber shows you how to eat in a way that helps you to manage your weight, enjoy your food, keep up your energy levels for longer and reduce hunger pangs. In Your Daily Diet Ian summarises his theory and then puts it into practice with a wealth of ideas for meals and snacks so that readers know exactly what they can eat on a daily basis without getting fat. He provides essential information on 50 healthy foods - including advice on how to buy, prepare, cook, and flavour them - and gives over 200 suggestions on how to turn them into easy yet enticing meals and snacks. There are also delicious recipes, each photographed in colour, to show how tempting your food can be. Ian has also devised 10 food planners, focused on different ages and lifestyles, each with daily meals and snacks to show readers how easy it is to eat well without gaining weight. How Not to Get Fat: Your Daily Diet is the ultimate good-eating book that guarantees you will never get fat.

This book is The Food Doctors latest offering. It is split into three sections - how food becomes energy, 50 foods to eat and food planners. The book appears to cover the confusion which I know I have when dieting - are 'healthy foods' nutritional? Am I eating the right food to loose weight, but also to gain the right nutrients and vitamins. As the introduction states: "there is another way to eat, one that enables you to manage your weight, promotes energy, reduces hunger, and still provides all the good nutrients that you might require."
Ian Marber, himself, uses this diet and has for many years been tweaking and perfecting it to the result, which is this book!

Section one takes us back to school, learning about how the food and drink we intake turns in to energy within our body. I found this section really informative and it is written in clear English - may have to show my 8 year old daughter as she is going through stage of not eating her dinner at school. It also explains how the eating plan works and sounds like a manageable plan.

Section two talks about the different food groups and then suggests, all you need to do is choose one item from each food group to make a snack or meal. Each food has plenty of advice and also includes general cooking and serving instructions. I really like this section, 50 foods are included, and includes a description/introduction, followed by three simple cooking techniques, meal suggestions and snack suggestions. There are also recipe ideas for each food. There are some great ideas in this section which i will definitely be trying. I am not a very good or confident cook but this book includes ideas that I think I can try.

Section three includes fictional characters, who represent various ages and stages of life, their typical diet and the mistakes they are making. Ian Marber has also devised meal plans for each of them, explaining how their eating habits can be changed for the better. The fictional characters include families, single men, single women, university students living away from home for the first time, vegetarians, and people in the later stages of their lives. Included are suggested meal plans which look achievable and not filled with highly priced ingredients.

The book is full of colour, easy to look around and the photos accompanying each recipe are of high quality and the food looks appetising and appealing throughout.

I really think this book is a great idea, getting people away from high priced, highly advertised products for dieting and will be looking at this as a way of life and change in eating habits. May even give it a go after Christmas!

A good book to buy if you want to change your eating habits and getting a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you to Quadrille for sending me this to review.


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    Did you ever give this eating plan a try? Did you feel it worked ... any comment would be appreciated before I spend money on another diet book :)
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  2. I never did try it - it does look like a comprehensive book though and one that could be followed. Any chance you could find a copy in the library, try before you buy??