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Friday, 3 December 2010

Ping and Pong Splash by Amy Trevaskus

Ping and Pong live in a Grandfather clock. Lucy opened the door to wind the clock and there they were, smiling back at her.... Join Lucy and her friends as they splash in puddles, grow carrots, learn about space and laugh their way through life...there from the beginning.
This is a new series to hit the book shelves. The author has planned a series of ten books, of which splash is the first title.
Ping and Pong live in a grandfather clock in the hall at Lucy's house and in this book Lucy takes them for a trip to the park, in their wellies to go on the slide, swings and most importantly, to splash in the puddles.
The story is one which children everywhere will love and can identify with - how many children love splashing in puddles and visits to the park. A great story to start a new series.
This is a lovely book, the story is great, the illustrations, by Alison Heath, are excellent and one which children will love to listen to again and again. I would recommend this book for slightly older children, 5-8 year olds, as there is alot of text on each page.
Thank you to Amy Trevaskus for sending me this book to review. Good luck to her for this great new series.
The illustrations, by Alison Heath, are beautifully drawn

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