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Thursday, 2 December 2010

April Underhill, Tooth Fairy by Bob Graham

High in the sky above Parkville, toothfairies April and Esme Underhill are on their way to collect their very first tooth...April and Esme Underhill have never collected a tooth before. Mum and Dad always do it. But tonight it's their turn. So, equipped with a bag, a coin and a mobile phone, the sisters head for Daniel Dangerfield's house, and a very unusual first tooth visit! "How to Heal a Broken Wing" (9781406325492) won the Charlotte Zolotow Award for best picture book text in 2008 and was shortlisted for the Greenaway Medal.

Stories about the tooth fairy are very popular and I have read some with my daughter recently who has recently began to loose her baby teeth. I found this book to be of a different style, to others i have read on a similar subject, more of a modern twist. Who knew tooth fairies carried mobiles with them when on their nightly missions???

The story is one which will appeal to children who are interested in fairies and the tooth fairy in particular.

The pictures throughout the book are beautifully drawn. They are of a cartoony nature but are not too cartoony, I am sure grandma will remind many children of their own grandma's.

I would recommend this book for children everywhere, especially those who have wobbly teeth.

Thank you to Walker Books Limited for sending me this book to review.

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