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Friday, 24 December 2010

Let's have a bite! A Banquet of beastley rhymes by Robert L Forbes. Drawings by Ronald Searleq

If you haven't heard, the whole animal kingdom is roaring its approval for "Let's Have A Bite!", this collection of delectable rhymes about animals naughty and nice. With thirty-three delicious poems by Robert Forbes and zany illustrations of each featured creature (look out for a secret critter peeping out from each page) by a master cartoonist Ronald Searle, these wildly playful rhymes and charmingly intricate illustrations will keep readers seven to seventy coming back again and again. Naughty lion cubs, chocolate bunnies, monkeys, idle pandas, a buffalo named Biff, lemurs, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, and even an inchworm named Sprint feature in this timeless collection.

This is a great book! One to pick up when you are feeling a little down, need cheering up or just need a giggle. There are over 30 rhymes, all with an animal theme. Each rhyme is accompanied by a great hand drawn illustration. The illustrations are all comical, with lots of detail and energy and complement the rhymes really well.

The rhymes vary in length, some are 4-5 lines long while others are 4-5 verses long. They are suitable for more ages but some are more complicated and suit an older age group.

A great book to have on a shelf, to open in times when laughter is needed.

Thank you to Suzannah at Duckworth Publishing for sending me the book to review.

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