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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Walking Back to Happiness by Lucy Dillon

Juliet’s been in hiding. From her family, from her life, but most of all from the fact that Ben’s not around anymore.

Her mother Diane has run out of advice. But then she insists Juliet look after her elderly Labrador and it becomes apparent that Coco the dog might actually be the one who can rescue her daughter.

Especially when it leads to her walking dogs for a few other locals too, including a spaniel, Damson, who belongs to a very attractive man...

Before she knows it, Juliet realises she has somehow become the town’s unofficial pet-sitter. A job which makes her privy to the lives and secrets of everyone whose animals she’s caring for.

But as her first winter alone approaches, she finally begins to wonder if it’s time to face up to her own secrets? To start rebuilding her own life? And maybe – just maybe – to fall in love again?

I absolutely loved Lucy Dillon's previous book, Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts, and so was looking forward to her next offering. As her last book, this one is also centred around a lady who has a dog and spends her days with him, walking him round the local area.

Juliet has recently lost her husband, to a heart attack, very early in life, with no warning. Not surprisingly, she is very upset, lost and it is up to her mother and sister, married with a young child, who is returning to work following her maternity leave, to bring her out the other side and back into 'normal' life.

I really enjoyed the story, there are many twists and turns in the story. The characters are all likeable and ones I could see myself being friends with Juliet. The story focuses on the many different stories and secrets throughout the book. I has loving the stories, and became drawn into the characters lives, however there were secrets in the book, waiting to be released which I thought i had guessed but was surprised to find my thoughts were completely wrong.

There were times of laughter, times of sadness within the book but most of all was everyday life and how people cope with sadness and grief and how they also rebuild their lives and begin to live and 'love' again. There is also the story of how people can forgive others, rebuild relationships and begin to live for themselves. It touches on how grief affects whole families, how families pull together and go forward.

I really enjoyed this story, Lucy Dillon is another excellent author who I recommend to my friends and will continue to recommend and look forward to her next book with anticipation. It is a great book to curl up with and devour in these cold nights.

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  1. Lovely review Sarah, I think I'd like this one, I already have "lost dogs and lonely hearts" on my tbr pile