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Friday, 26 July 2013

Stan Stinky - He's a sewer hero! by Hannah Shaw

Stan Stinky

Stan Pipe Stinky is annoyed. He's being forced to spend his summer in the boring sewer he's lived in his whole life, while all his friends are off surfing the storm drains of the Bahamas. What' worse is that his mum is making him work aboard his crazy uncle's boat, The Noodle. Uncle Ratts and his sidekick Roachy think the're adventurers, but in reality all they do is deal with some very smelly poo blockages. Then Ratts and Roachy disappear up a u-bend into the terrifying unknown ...a HUMAN HOUSE. Stan must come to their rescue! When desperate measures call for him to flush them to safety down the toilet, Stan finds himself riding the biggest wave of all! Ya boo sucks Bahamas!

For fans of the Pixar movie 'Ratatouille' this is the perfect book. Full of humour and disgusting ideas - an official poo chart and an adventure which included surfing on a bar of soap and a journey in The Noodle, a boat made out of empty Chinese takeaway cartons with a pair of old pants as a sail and held together with Sellotape and string.

Although this is a child's book, there is something in there for adults too. Characters have fantastic names - Stan Pipe Stinky and a holiday to 'The Bananas' are just a few of the laughs. 

The book has the look of a scrapbook - which ties in with the diary that Stan has to keep of his summer holiday. The story is told in both narrative and illustrations, there are diary entries and letters as written by Stan, pictures drawn by Stan and tourist information sheets. The pages have lots of different typography styles on the pages which also adds to the scrapbook style. 

It is a great book - and I am sure it will be a big hit with both boys and girls. It has humour and wit on every page and at the end of the book there are bonus pages detailing how to make you own Old Noodle ship and also 20 uses for old socks.

I recommend this to readers age 9+, and especially to fans of Sorrell Anderson and the movie Ratatouille.

Thank you to the publishers, Scholastic, and the author, Hannah Shaw, for sending me the book to review.

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