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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Dr Christian's guide to growing up by Dr Christian Jessen

Dr Christian's Guide to Growing Up

Finally TV's favourite doctor, Dr Christian, comes to the rescue of parents, boys and girls to answer all their questions about adolescence, sexuality and puberty. In his assured, no-nonsense fashion Dr Christian allays the fears, and uncertainties of growing youngsters (and helps parents find answers) about puberty, sex, personal and emotional health and body image. Leave it on the coffee table or sit down and go through it together - this book is a godsend for every family household with children under the age of 15 Addressing all those cringey questions parents squirm at answering, Dr Christian's sensible, light-hearted advice guides boys and girls on the path to be coming healthy, happy adults. Covering issues such as: * Puberty * Diet * Sex * Sexuality * Self-esteem/body image * Personal health * Emotional health * Bullying

My daughter is of the age where I have to sit her down and discuss puberty and all that follows with her and although I have had chats with her, it is plain to see that she doesn't want to be there listening and talking with me on these subjects. Therefore I have been very pleased to find this book which is perfect to look through with a child and either discuss the topics included or leave it for the child to look through and use as a starting point for future discussions at the right time for a child.

The book is written for children and considers questions about both boys and girls. It is in a scrapbook style format, with pages being printed, brightly coloured, using different fonts to grab a child's attention.

The advice inside the book is great for children who want to find out the answers to their questions. It is written in a child friendly words, using as little jargon as possible and has many pages entitled 'Ask Dr Christian' which is similar to the problem pages in many teen magazines answering the questions that most teenagers want the answers to. 

The information included in the book is a good introduction to the subject but it only goes so far and therefore I would consider this a great book for a conversation starter rather than giving all the information needed. There are a list of websites offered in the back of the voice for further advice/information but this is not an extensive list.

This is a great book for early teenagers or children reaching the age of puberty. It would also make a great addition to any school library.

I received this book through The Amazon Vine Programme.

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