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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Freaky Sleepover (Monstrous Maud) by A B Saddlewick

Monstrous Maud: Freaky Sleepover - Monstrous Maud 3

When Maud's perfect twin sister, Milly plans a sleepover, Mum forces Maud to have her friends over too. What can possibly go wrong? Nothing much ...just that Maud's mum might find out about Rotwood High being a school for real monsters! As if that's not enough to worry about, Maud is tricked into looking after Violet, the school hamster, by her arch enemy, bitchy-witch Poisonous Penelope. But Violet is no ordinary hamster! She's a pedigree vampster and an expert cage-breaker. With a vampster on the loose, sleep is the very last thing that happens! Another terrifyingly terrific tale in the Monstrous Maud series, written by Abi Saddlewick.

This is the third book in a series featuring Monstrous Maud by the author A B Saddewick.

Monstrous Maud has been sent to Rotwood High, a school for 'monstrous' children - vampires, monsters, ghosts etc. Maud has a sister, who is still in the mainstream school and does not know, along with their parents, who attends Rotwood High. When Maud's sister has a sleepover, their mum thinks it is only fair that Maud also invites some of her new friends along too - the story which follows is full of fun, laughter and will have children screaming with laughter. I would recommend it as a great series of books for both boys and girls, either to share at bedtime or for them to read on their own. It is part of a series and it may be advisable for readers to read from the start of the series so they find out about the school as Maud does.

I received this book through The Amazon Vine Programme.

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