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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Planet Earth - What Planet are you on?

Basher Science: Planet Earth: What Planet are You On?

Discover the secrets of the planet we call home, from its fiery insides to the landforms and lifeforms on its surface; unlock the mysteries of Earth's ever-moving surface with its watery depths and snowy peaks, the activity in its atmosphere and the teeming life that makes it unique. "Planet Earth" is a compelling guide to a community of characters who keep the world in motion.

This is one of the books in the Basher Science range and is a unique series in all things science!

The book is small - a great stocking filler but is jam packed full of information. This book is all about Earth and contains chapters entitled: Earth; The Insiders; Going Global; Landlubbers; Wet! Wet! Wet!; Weather Gang; and Lively Gang. The images throughout the book are cartoons and the text throughout the book is written as if spoken by each subject i.e. volcanoes, weather etc. 

This book is definitely not the usual kind of science textbook. It is child friendly  - although the concepts included within would make me recommend it for children aged 9+ however the look of it would appeal to younger children. There is lots of useful information included within the book and I learnt a lot from the book however I think it would have to used alongside other resources to gain a full knowledge of the subject, however as a tool to gain a child's interest in the subject I would definitely recommend it! It is one of those books that could be dipped into at any point and a useful fact would be immediately found! 

I would recommend this as a great stocking filler, as a book for someone who has an interest in the earth or who likes learning useless facts but it is definitely for an older child or adult.

Thank you to the publishers, Kingfisher, for sending me the book to review.

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