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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Perfect Christmas by Georgie Carter

All I want for Christmas is you! If you're a wedding planner it's best not to have affairs with married men. This is one cardinal rule that Robyn always abides by. But then she meets Jonathan! After a delicious dalliance in the dance studio, Robyn and Jonathan fall truly, madly, deeply in love. Jonathan justifies his actions because his wife is a workaholic, while Robyn finds the glamour -- free from any mundane concerns -- thrilling. But then the pressure mounts up: the guilt; the lies; the strain of it all. With the festive season approaching, can Robyn make this the best holiday ever or will it be the nightmare before Christmas? This is the perfect winter read for fans of Milly Johnson and Kate Harrison.

This is a lovely Christmas read and I would recommend it to all chick lit fans. Georgie Carter is actually a pen name for Ruth Saberton (author of Katy Carter wants a hero and Ellie Andrews has second thoughts). This is her first book published by Avon and is a great 'debut' novel.

The book was well written and I loved Georgie's style - very easy to read and loose yourself in. There were descriptive sections of the text, not only of scenery but also of people, their mannerisms, their facial expressions but then the story flowed well and neither glossed over nor went into detail of every bit of the story.

The main character, Robyn Hood,  is a wedding planner, who has recently left a popular and well known wedding planner and has set up on her own. There are attempts by her previous employer to outdo her and there are some nasty coincidences throughout the book - sour grapes seem to be the word for those! I would love to have had my wedding planned by Robyn. There are many different weddings throughout the book - a high profile showbiz star, a low cost aussie beach style wedding in London for two friends and the wedding of her ex fiance to the girl who stole him from Robyn. There is a strong theme throughout the book of relationships - both the love of the couple getting married, but also their relationship with Robyn and also Robyn's relationship with her mother and also friends both new and old.  

Although the book is called a perfect Christmas, I was surprised to find that Christmas featured at both the beginning and end of the book but were not the main focus of the book - however, do not let this put you off picking up this book this Christmas period. It is the perfect chick lit book to get lost in and curl up on a sofa while the kids (and husband) are playing with their new toys and/or gadgets.

I really hope this is not the only book Georgie Carter will release, I really look forward to reading more from this author.

Thank you to the publishers, Avon, for sending me this book to review.

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