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Monday, 19 December 2011

Only Nooglebooglers Glow in the Dark by James McKnight

Only Nooglebooglers Glow in the Dark - McDoogle's Monster Farm

Farmer McDoogle has a very unusual farm. On his farm he doesn't keep chickens, cows or pigs. He doesn't grow potatoes or carrots. On his farm he keeps monsters!Nooglebooglers glow in the dark when they eat Difflebug leaves. When there is a power cut on the farm, only the Nooglebooglers can shine a light on the matter!

The second book from the new series, McDoogle's Monster Farm, by Top That Publishing. I have previously reviewed the first book on this blog. 

This story concentrates on the noogleboogler, who's poo Farmer McDoogle turns into electricity to use on the farm, via a special machine. Mr and Mrs McDoogle are hosting a party for all the visitors to the farm throughout the year and their friends. When the special poo electricity machine breaks down, Diggle quickly finds some Difflebug leaves and feeds them to the Noogleboogler, who glow in the dark when they eat these leaves. The Nooglebooglers save the day and the party continues.

Another fantastic book written by James Knight and illustrated by Mark Chambers. Children will love this fantastic story and the animals will grab the children's attention immediately.

This would make a lovely gift to a child this Christmas, a fun book to share at bed time or to share during a quiet time during the festivities. I would recommend it for slightly older children as the story is quite long. 

Thank you to the publishers, Top That Publishing, for sending me the book to review.

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