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Monday, 19 December 2011

The Day the Gogglynipper Escaped by James Knight

The Day the Gogglynipper Escaped - McDoogle's Monster Farm

Farmer McDoogle has a very unusual farm. On his farm he doesn't keep chickens, cows or pigs. He doesn't grow potatoes or carrots. On his farm he keeps monsters!
Diggle must use all of his expert monster knowledge, and a bag of smelly old socks, to find a missing Gogglynipper. Will he find the Gogglynipper before Farmer McDoogle finds out?

This is a new book series from Top That Publishing and is based at McDoogles Monster Farm. The book starts with a general introduction to McDoogles Monster Farm, a farm which is different to any other farm. A farm where you won't find cows or sheep or chickens. On this farm they don't grow potatoes or carrots. It is the most unusual farm of all .... it is McDoogle's Monster Farm.
The monsters who reside at the farm are all introduced  and their characteristics described.

In this book, a Googlynipper has gone missing. Googlynippers over react in any event and when Diggle discovers that one has escaped when he goes to herd them into their enclosure for the night, he knows he must find it as soon as possible. Diggle searches for the missing Googlynipper, along with his dog, Noober, and when he finds him in a dark cave, he worries about how he is going to get him home - but the Googlynipper soon picks up a favourite scent and rushes home. What that scent is, you need to read to find out!

This book is perfect for children who love something a bit different. The author, James Knight and the illustrator, Mark Chambers, have created some fantastic monsters, which i am sure children will fall in love with. The illustrations throughout the book are fantastic. They are simple pictures, accompanying the story perfectly, and perfect to capture children's imagination. 

I would recommend this book as a perfect gift for children who have lots of imagination and love a tale including made up animals etc. I would recommend the book would be perfect for slightly older children (age 5+) because there are quite a few words on each page, needing the child to listen to the story before a page can be turned.

Thank you to the publishers, Top That Publishing, for sending me the book to review. 

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