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Thursday, 22 December 2011

50 Soccer Skills (Usborne)

50 Soccer Skills - Usborne Activities

Featuring 50 different soccer skills, perfect for budding David Beckhams, rising Ronaldos and potential Paul Robinsons, these cards cover all aspects of the game from attack to defence and provide an indispensable guide. This is a valuable resource for coaches as well as players, and fantastically portable, making them perfect for use on any occasion. Full colour photography illustrates the manoeuvres and techniques for each shot and tactic. It is accompanied by clear step-by-step instructions. It is spiral bound to allow easy use and transportation, and means no card will ever get lost!

My son has discovered football over the past year and this book is a perfect book for him! The book has 50 different football skills included - many I have never heard of! The lofted drive?? Anyway, 50 different skills I am sure every wannabe premiership footballer needs to able to perform to get on in the game.

The book has been thought about in every possible way. The book is spiral bound, meaning it can be laid flat and left on the ground to refer to when practising each skill. The pages are also of  a thicker paper/nearly card and appear very tough. I know my son can be heavy handed with pages and as it is spiral bound this could of been an issue, but the thicker pages out this worry out of the window.  Each skill has a brief explanation under the title and then is described in easy English with pictures as appropriate - it is a diagram and photograph heavy book but each skill has few steps, making them easy to follow and pick up. 

The skills are split into: Ball Control; Passing and Shooting; Defending; Dead Ball Skills; and Goal Keeping. There are skills on the first touch of a match right through to taking penalties and also referee signals, skills for all parts of the game.

The book is aimed at children and is perfect for children aged 5+. I would recommend it as a perfect gift for all budding David Beckham's out there!

Thank you to the publishers, Usborne, for sending me this book as part of a recent package to review with my son during his recent hospital stay.

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