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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sonny the Sea Tractor by Loretta D'Souza

Netty and Harry are playing hide and seek on Koob beach when Netty gets cut off by the high tide. 

This is a fun book for all ages to enjoy, with the added value of teaching children the possible dangers when playing on the beach.

I love this scrapbook style of book, where the pages have full page pictures, which look layered and have a childlike element in them. The pages all have beautiful backgrounds, with other images layered on top, the words are added last and many type fonts and font size are used, adding interest to the pages.

The story is a great one to read before a trip to the seaside, explaining about tides and the dangers involved. A simple game of hide and seek nearly ends in disaster when Netty is hiding in a castle which can be cut off at high tide, however sonny the sea tractor comes to the rescue and saves her before the tide reaches high tide.

I would recommend it to children of all ages, great book to read to children or for children who are beginning to read themselves. A great gift to a child going on their first trip to the seaside or for a book to share. Perfect for boys who love transport, with the Sea Tractor being a vehicle not included in many books.

Thank you to Marverick Publishing for sending me the book to review.

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