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Friday, 19 August 2011

DK Look Inside Volcano (3D Pop up eruption)

Exciting new "Look Inside" series to encourage and inspire young readers. "Look Inside Volcano" gives you an exciting new look at the earth's eruptions and explosions. It explains everything from what volcanoes are, how they form, and what happens during an eruption. It also introduces the different types of volcano and famous volcanoes from around the world. It's packed with photos, bold graphics and information, as well as pop-ups and lift flaps that allow you to journey into the centre of the Earth. You'll even see dramatic before and after images of real-life explosions. "Look Inside Volcano" is full of amazing explosive stuff - handle with care!

This book is only 18 pages long however it is jam packed with information, facts and data about volcanoes. There are flaps to lift, quizzes to answer and lots of photographs and diagrams filling the book. The centre pages include a big 3d volcano model.

The book is perfect for children, with lots of photographs and diagrams on each page, with useful narrative encased in bright boxes, drawing the eye to important information. There is interest on each page, with flaps to lift, hidden facts to find under tabs and pictures to study. The language is perfect for children aged 7+.

There is plenty of information included to aid school projects or to gather a basic understanding of volcanoes. The book would be a good starter and the information could be used to identify further reading opportunities elsewhere.

I would recommend this book as a perfect addition to a school or classroom library or as a gift for a child interested in the world around us.

I received this book from the DK Club

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