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Saturday 6 August 2011

The Great Big Book of Magic Tricks by Joe Fullman

Learn how to perform even more fantastic tricks with this second bumper book of magic. With illustrations and step-by-step instructions, you'll be able to astonish friends in no time. 'Top Tip' boxes and profiles of famous magicians and their tricks will captivate reluctant readers, encouraging them to learn and perform. This title contains: clear, explanatory text accompanied by illustrations; fun panels and profiles; and, fascinating information about famous magicians and their tricks.

Another fantastic book from QED Publishing for children. Spiral bound so that the book can lie flat on the table, leaving both hands free to try the magic. 

The book starts with an important 'how to use this book section and also a list of props needed for the tricks in the book. The rest of the book is filled with many magic tricks to try.

The tricks are all laid out on double page spreads, with each trick being given a difficulty rating (1-7), with the tricks getting harder as you progress through the book. When a new skill is taught, an explanation is given as to the new skill to be learnt. Each trick also has a skills needed list, some skills are taught in the easier tricks at the start of the book. The tricks are split into a number of steps, usually 5-6 steps and have both hand drawn pictures, along with easy to follow instructions.  Top tips are also highlighted on some tricks. 

There are card tricks,coin and rope tricks, sleight of hand tricks and mind tricks.

Some pages also include the history of magic, some modern day magicians and also great tricks performed.

This is a good book for children to try magic, although I would recommend it for an older child (9+). Younger children will need a lot of assistance and support from older siblings, friends or family. Some of the difficult tricks look very difficult and I am unsure if I could do them, although we all know what practice makes!

I would recommend this as a good gift for an older child or a book that could be got out on a rainy day, when a trick could be learnt as a group.

Thank you to WED Publishing for sending me the book to review.

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