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Monday, 29 August 2011

Full Moon and Star by Lee Bennett Hopkins and Ilustrated by Marcellus Hall

This is a charming picture book that introduces children to the idea of writing and performing plays. Kyle and Katie are best friends who each decide to write a play. Kyle writes a play about a full moon and Katie writes one about a star. They decide to write a play together and combine the two into 'Full Moon and Star.' The outcome is a beautiful collaboration and also a testament to their strong friendship.

This is the perfect book to introduce children, who are beginning to read aloud with their parents, to the idea of and the writing style of plays. The book is split into three acts, within which there are small scenes written by two young children. The first two acts, contain a scene written individually by each child and the third act is a scene written collaboratively by both children. The two children are good friends and there is a strong storyline about friendship and working together to produce even better work.

The story is beautifully accompanied by lovely illustrations, basic and perfectly depicting the story.

I would recommend this as a great book for young children  who are beginning to read. The language is perfect for early readers, and the print is clear and very easy to read.

Thank you to the publishers, Abrams and Chronicle for sending me the book to review.

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