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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Bubbling Biology by Steve Parker (Science Crackers)

This exciting new series will satisfy the most enquiring young scientific minds! With a back-to-basics approach to the core topics, these books investigate science in a clear and concise way. Simple practical activities will help children understand how science is relevant to their everyday world. This title features bright, contemporary design and fantastic photographs. It is presented with exciting hands-on science activities. Series covers all key science topics for this age group. It is written by award-winning science authors. Humorous cartoon characters will engage readers.

This is a fantastic book for young budding scientists! With bite size information on a number of topics, this is a great introduction for children into 
biology of the human and animal world.

The main topics covered in the book are:  the bio world; green and growing (plants); fancy flowers, super seeds; look and listen; optical illusions; on the move; reflexes; bite and swallow; pant and pump; making more animals; and look out danger.

The book is filled with pictures, photographs and cartoon style drawings. There are also a number of experiments included within the book, including; growing a bean seed; making a camouflage picture; testing your reactions and testing fitness (measuring pulse rates).

The book is a great dip into biology, enough to get children interested in an area before finding books more in depth on that subject.

Thank you to QED Publishing for sending me the book to review.

The book even includes a glossary at the back of the book of some of the more difficult words within the text.

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