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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Famous Last Words - Annie Sanders

Lucy spends her days beavering away at her sewing machine, making divine, flamboyant clothes that express all the passion and flair that she cannot, and at night she sits alone with her latest creations, fretting over her struggling business. Her life is one of unfulfilled ambitions and missed opportunities. Then one evening Lucy meets the beautiful, fey and enigmatic Micah, who has an uncanny knack for foretelling fortunes, and manages to convince even the cynical Lucy. So when Micah tells her that her future isn't looking too rosy - in fact she doesn't have one - Lucy embarks on a spree of 'what the hell and why not'. She faces her demons, confronts those that have annoyed her, and takes risks for the first time in her life, convinced that the accident he predicts will befall her. When the day of her prophesied demise comes - and goes - Lucy storms round to challenge Micah, who sheepishly admits he must have got it wrong this time. The appalled and angry Lucy has a hell of a mess to put right now, and demands that Micah help her do some damage control. So begins an edge-of-the-seat, race-against-time to repair Lucy's reckless actions. But halfway through Lucy asks herself if everything is worth mending? Has she inadvertently improved her life just as she thought it was about to end? And why is Micah so reluctant to help her untangle her biggest gaffe of all?

When Lucy Streeter attended a fundraiser with her friend, Tam, who was having struggle conceiving, she was sceptical when a male performer told Tam that she was pregnant. Lucy was so outraged that someone would get Tam's hope's up when Tam had made teh heartbreaking decision to stop trying, however Lucy left with more than she bargained for when Michah told her he saw no future for her, past the following Friday!
As i previously said when reviewing Annie Sanders previous book, I am a great fan of their work (Annie Sanders is actually Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders), however i was unsure on this book as I, like Lucy am very sceptical with the whole area of psychics and foretune telling in general. As with all Annie Sanders books i was quickly drawn into the story and was able to 'forget' my personal views on the subject.
Lucy's character used the news she had received as a way of changing her life, having a mad morning at the hairdressers, cutting and colouring her hair, wearing clothes she would never normally wear. She used her time to air old grievances with her parents about how her father treated her when she became a teenage mum. The story told of how Lucy dealt with these issues, lived life to teh full - even climbing the church bell tower after a night on the town, silencing the bell with her own jeans
The story is told in Annie Sanders excellent style, and I found myself getting drawn into the story - i wish i could take hold of life like Lucy did and become carefree, looking after those i care for, ironing out any issues which have which have been hanging about not being cleared.
The story does have a twist at the end and i won't spoil it for other readers but it was a great ending with the story ending how i wanted it to end. Although i will admit, i had other twists i though may happen, but i much prefer Annie Sanders ending.
Another book which i recommend to all!!
Thank you to Meg Sanders for sending me a copy to review.

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