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Friday, 17 September 2010

Spider School by Francesca Simon

Snakes and snails and spiders for dinner! Kate was having a bad day. Her first morning at her new school and already her clothes have gone missing, her best friend has disappeared, and her new teacher is a comic-reading gorilla. Something is very wrong Francesca Simon brings every child's worst nightmare to life in this funny, original story brought to life with Tony Ross's inimitable illustrations.

My children and I are all big fans of Horrid Henry's and when I received this book to review I was intrigued to find out if Francesca Simon could write other books as well as Horrid Henry, he is a hard act to follow! Well my answer is a YES!!!

What happens when you get out of bed the wrong side?? Kate found out on her first day at school - she got up late, couldn't find her uniform, had to go to school in dirty, too small clothes and was in a class taught by a gorilla and given snakes, snails and spiders for dinner.

The story is as great as a horrid henry story and will appeal to both young girls and boys. It is full of great pictures (illustrated by Tony Ross) which tell the story easily. The story is told in 'easy words' and great for an early reader to gain confidence in reading to their peers.

I would recommend this to both boys and girls alike, who may like to listen to the story being read to them or to read to their peers.

This book is in the new 'Early Reader' format. My son has been reading the Horrid Henry books in this format and has been able to read them quite easily - he is a new reader but has found these books great to read and has built up his confidence in reading through these books.

Thank you for Nina Douglas from Orion Books for sending me the book to review.

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  1. Sounds good, Sarah, at least a bit different from the Rainbow Fairies "we" are currently obsessed with here!