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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Bear's Magic Pencil - Anthony Browne

"Bear was walking in the forest. Suddenly!" What happens next? Winners of the children's competition featured in The Sun decide! Children's Laureate, Anthony Browne, has collaborated with budding author-illustrators, aged 8 and under, to create an exciting and unique picture book -- combining Anthony's character -- the bear with the magic pencil -- with art and stories from the winning entries. Wherever Bear goes he takes his magic pencil with him. If ever he has a problem he just draws his way out of trouble -- whatever he draws becomes real ...Anthony Browne started the story of a bear with a magic pencil, and children aged eight and under were invited to join in and complete the story. Working with The Sun team, Anthony has selected the best ideas, and used them to create the rest of the story. The result is this fabulous picture book!
This book is the end result in a national competition ran by The Sun Newspaper where young children were invited to to complete Anthony Browne's white bear story in which the bear constantly finds himself in peculiar situations and uses his magic pencil to get out of them while wandering through a forest.
The book is full of beautiful, child drawn pictures which have been added to the background picture of the forest. The forest is also hand drawn and the children's pictures look great added onto this backdrop. The children's pictures do not look as if they have been enhanced or altered at all and i am sure all the children will be very proud to see their drawings in print.
Anthony Browne has created a good story from the wide range of children's drawings he chose as the winners. I was especially pleased to see that he managed to give a message to his readers about the plight of the world's animals, with many becoming endangered due to their natural habitat being destroyed.
I think this is a great book which will be loved by children of all ages.
Thank you to Michael from My child forum for sending me this book to review.

This book is the end result of a competition ran by The Sun newspaper in 2010, where children were

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  1. I'd love to see this as it sounds like a reworking of Browne's Bear Hunt ( that I loved when I was little, and now my kids adore.