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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

MO-BOT Cameron

Asha's new school is insane. Everyone has giant robots that launch out of their mobile phones! She's only been there five minutes when the school bully challenges her to a fight. So now it's not just about figuring out who's cool and who isn't. She has to learn to pilot her Mo-bot. And fast. But while Asha gets to grips with her Mo-bot's moves and customises her DMC, she's being watched...Her piloting skills are about to be put to the ultimate test, and there's nothing her new friends can do to help. This title presents thrilling titanic battles from the DFC Library.

When i received this book, i was unsure of if I would enjoy it. I requested it from thinking it was a different book, something my children watched on one of the kids channels. However, when i started reading it I was pleasantly surprised.
The book is a comic strip and begins with the character starting at a new school. All pupils at the school have huge 'mo-bots' which pupils control through their mobile phones!
When i see comic books I immediately think they are male orientated, however this book is definitely more female orientated. The characters are all female. The books also covers two important topics, starting a new school where the other pupils all seem to know each other and also the issues of groups of girls competing against each other - or girls having to prove themselves before they are accepted into the group.
The comic strips throughout the book are great illustrations, with the main characters standing out from the dullened background. The characters all have a modern edge to them, with their clothes and hairstyles being current.
This is the first book in the series and the comic strip does include explanations about the 'mo-bots' and how the pupils battle each other.

I think this book is a great new style which will attract girls aged 9+ who do not enjoy reading long stories - they will love these comic strips. My daughter was interested to look through the book and will be reading it after me. A great introduction into the childrens fiction market.

Thank you to Michael for again sending me this book.

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