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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Secret Santa, Agent of X.M.A.S by Guy Bass

One night a year, Santa J. Claus delivers presents to the children of the world...but for the rest of the time, he's protecting the world as the top secret agent of the Xtremely Mysterious Agency of Secrets (X.M.A.S.), dishing out his own brand of justice to the world's most dastardly criminals. Santa and his Little Helper, newly qualified X.M.A.S. agent Jingle Bells, are on the trail of Dr Cumulus Nimbus, who's hell-bent on creating a new ice age...and Santa hates snow! Can they stop the evil plot before the world is snowed under?

What does Santa do for the 364 days he is not delivering presents?? Welcome to the world of X.M.A.S and to the new graduates of X.M.A.S academy.

This book is such a great read and I think it will appeal to young boys everywhere. Although the book has Santa Claus as the main character along with S.L.H. (Santa's Little Helper) Jingle, the book is not about Christmas Eve and delivering presents, but about saving the world from the Naughty List, of which Nimbus and the Weathermen, an arch enemy of Santa Claus's who is afraid of chocolate (??), is the top of. Will Santa be able to save the world from their hands??

The book would be suitable for children 9+ due to some of the complicated words involved in the text, along with several acronyms used throughout the book, however younger children would like it to be read to them. There are several pictures within the story, hand drawn pictures which describe the scene well. There are also several annotated diagrams which depict the hi tech vehicles and weapons available to Santa Claus throughout the story which will interest boys everywhere.

More can be found out about Secret Santa on the author, Guy Bass, website -

I really enjoyed this book and will be reading it to my son who i am sure will absolutely love it too. I hope Guy Bass continues this story and writes another one about Lantern Jack soon.

Thank you to Jane from Stripes Publishing for sending me this book to review.

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