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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Horrid Henry Rocks - Francesca Simon

Four new stories: Horrid Henry's Invasion - Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter keep invading each other's rooms. Moody Margaret's Sleepover - Moody Margaret invites all the members of the Secret Club for a sleepover, with catastrophic results. Horrid Henry's Autobiography - Miss Battle-Axe's class all have to write their autobiographies, the best to be published in the local paper. Horrid Henry Rocks - Horrid Henry wants to go to the Killerboy Rats concert while his family want to go to the Daffy and her Dancing Daisies concert.

Francesca Simon has done it again - Horrid Henry Rocks is another fantastic book containing four stories which will capture childrens' imagination and attention. Horrid Henry, Perfect Peter and Moody Margaret are all included in some of the stories along with their other friends and school friends.
Horrid Henry wants revenge on perfect Peter when he looses access to the computer in Horrid Henry's Invasion, Horrid Henry gets stuck at one of Moody Margaret sleepovers, Horrid Henry ends up sucking up to Moody Margaret in Horrid Henry's Autobiography and finally in Horrid Henry Rocks, Horrid Henry ends up being chosen to go on stage at a youngsters stage show and then get evicted by security when he sings rock music on stage, before being given VIP tickets to the gig he really wanted to go to.
I would thoroughly recommend this to all Horrid Henry fans, i know when my two chidlren see the book, they will be fighting over who reads it first.
Well done Francesca Simon - a great read for children and adults alike!!!
thank you to Michael from My Child forum ( for sending me the book.

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