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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Getting Mad, Getting Even - Annie Sanders

Georgie and Flick are a girl's best friend - and secret weapon. Their agency, Domestic Angels, provides invaluable help to armies of harassed women. After years of hard work, Georgie and Flick have built a small but grateful clientele - doing everything from booking the plumber to replacing dead hamsters. Then one evening, they are visited by a pale, nervous-looking woman who makes the strangest request yet. Her husband has combined a take-over with a leg-over. Would Georgie and Flick help her get her own back? It isn't long before word gets out. Inundated with requests from angry wives, Georgie and Flick begin to wonder whether all these men are really as black as they are painted. Meanwhile, the disgruntled husband of a client has rumbled them. It may be that they aren't the only masters of revenge after all...

Iam a great fan of annie sanders and this book was another great read from the duo.
women with busy lives can now get help with all of lifes little problems - the need for an emergency plumber or the feeding of animals with just one phonecall to The Domestic Angels agency. Georgie and Flick have set up the agency for harassed women everywhere and they are soon busy with lots of clients.
as i previously said, i loved this book, a real good summer read to enjoy while relaxing in the garden or on the beach. i was unable to put this book down after i started. i found myself getting drawn into agency life, their clients lives and the problems along the way.
if you want to escape to a world where you can forget all your own problems and enjoy others, this is the book for you!

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