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Monday, 2 August 2010

Made at Home by Lisa Stickley is a book i think everyone should have when they move into their own home and want to stamp their own individuality onto it.
the book begins with a comprehensive list of fabrics avaliable and their individual properties, along with some guidance as to their best use. there is also a list of basic equipment required when starting a project along with an additional list of things you may wish to add to the basics.
the book then contains diagrams and written instructions for a number of stitches used throughout the book before moving onto seams, buttonholes and inserting zips. the instructions are all very clear, concise and easy to follow.
the remainder of the book is devoted to many project ideas for items around the home. There are many ideas in the book, many of them old fashioned which are having a comeback in the modern home. Cushions, tea cosies, napkins, cushions and bedspreadss are among the projects which aim to have minimal sewing skils. Each project begins with a introduction, detailling its use in the home or the advantage of having the project in your own home. the instructions are again clear, concise and contain diagrams to further aid the reader. there is also a chapter at the back of the book containing the templates needed to complete the projects.
The projects are easy enough for a beginner to tackle but i also believe the book would be a great aid for the more experienced sewer as the projects could be developed further and a sewer could add their own style to the projects.
I have a basic understanding of sewing techniques but like to have instructions to refer to when tackling anything more complicated that shortening a pair of trousers. The book has inspired me to get my sewing machine out of its dusty corner and try some of the projects, transforming my home into fabric chic! there will soon be no door without a doorstop and my husband will not be allowed to travel without his handmade suit carrier to keep his clothes clean and presentable.
I would like to thank Quadrille for sending me this book to review.

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