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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ten Twinkly Stars illustrated by Russell Julian

Ten Twinkly Stars - Moulded Counting Books 10

This fantastic counting book with a sweet night-time story is perfect for parents to read with their toddlers before nap time or bedtime. As night falls around the world, count the twinkly stars as one-by-one they disappear over the sleepy animals' heads. A fantastic book for toddlers learning first numbers, Ten Twinkly Stars will help children learn to count down from ten as each sleepy animal goes to bed. With shiny stars that little fingers will love to feel as they count down. As each page turns one less star is visible helping to illustrate the concept of counting down. Also available: Ten Little Kisses and Ten Shiny Snowflakes.

I have seen a number of books by Caterpillar Books in this style and they are fantastic. Great rhymes which children will enjoy listening to and later reciting.  These books are very clever as the number of stars on each page decreases as the story counts down from 10 to 1 stars and I always marvel at the clever idea of how the book is put together.

This book instantly drew me to it as I have a thing for Owls, and these are so cute, but once you open the book there are lots more animals inside and are animals from all over the world: lions in the jungle, hippos in the swamp,lambs in the field and giraffes in the Savannah to name but a few. 

The illustrations are also beautifully drawn and would make fantastic images for any children's bedrooms. They have a child friendly appearance but are all lifelike too.

This would make a great gift this winter. The book has thick pages (not board pages) making it perfect for children's hands and not easily ripped. Children enjoy turning the pages of books themselves and this is a book that I would confidently let children have all the time (I have a special book shelf which contains 'precious' books that I don't want damaged and are got down to share together) but this is one that could be out all of the time.

Thank you to the publishers, Caterpillar Books, for sending me the book to review.

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