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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Miss Dorothy-Jane was ever so vain by Julie Fulton

Miss Dorothy-Jane Was Ever So Vain - The Ever So Series

Dorothy-Jane thinks her good looks and stylish clothes make her popular. However when on her way to Hamilton Shady's Best Lady Competition, Dorothy-Jane must put aside her vanity to save the day.

This is the third book in the series by Julie Fulton: Mrs MacCready was ever so Greedy and Tabitha Posy was ever so Nosy have both been reviewed on this blog. As with the previous two books, the story is told in rhyme and is accompanied with fantastic illustrations by Jona Jung.

The story is about Miss Dorothy Jane who likes to take care of her appearance and when she sees a competition to find Hamilton Shady's Best Lady, where the winner will present a bouquet to the Queen when she visits, she decides to enter and takes a long time to decide upon the perfect outfit. Very carefully she walks to the competition, dodging seagulls in the air and cars driving through puddles, however as she gets to the park, where a dog is stuck in a pond - will she rescue the dog or go to the competition?

As with the previous books, this story is great, the rhyme will appeal to children of all ages and the illustrations accompany the story perfectly. I liked the story, it had it's own moral, as do all of Julie's story, and reminded us that man is animal's best friend. 

I am sure that this book will soon become a firm favourite of children of all ages, whether they read it themselves or listen to others reading to them. The story is a good story and the illustrations are the perfect accompaniment, Jona Jung has captured the fun and energy within the illustrations perfectly.

Thank you to the publishers, Maverick Arts Publishing, for sending me the book to review.

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