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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Richard Scarry's Best Lowly Worm Book Ever!

Best Lowly Worm Book Ever

Newly unearthed! The first new Richard Scarry book for over 20 years features Lowly Worm and all your favourite Scarry characters! Drawn and written by Richard Scarry and completed by his son, Huck Scarry, this beautiful book is packed with charm, humour and delightful pictures. Including a day in the life of Lowly Worm, Lowly on the farm, cars and trucks, planes and trains, numbers and a fun where's Lowly section. Scarry fans young and old will adore this charming and beautiful book!

I love books which have added 'spot the .....' on every page. This one has Spot Lowly on ever page. They are perfect for children and encourages them to look closely at each page, looking at the detail of each picture, and holding their attention. I know my children would continually pick these books off the shelf and find them together, although it often turned into a race of who could find it first.

I love the idea that this book was started by Richard Scarry and then completed by Huck Scarry many years later.

The book has many double page spreads, each of which concentrates on topics which children enjoy looking at or doing at school; Getting  up; Going to school; Good manners; Counting  A visit to the farm; Travelling on transport; Things I can do and Play Hide and Seek with Lowly. The pages are jam packed with illustrations and have so many talking points, making it perfect for circle time conversations or at those special one-to-one time. 

The only downside to this book is that it is American and therefore some of the words used are not what we would call them - however it is easy to use the English alternative and therefore I think it still a great book

A great book for schools and nurseries, however it would also make a great book for any child, especially those starting school for the first time this September.

A great book by Richard Scarry, and it is as good now and as relevant now as when the original books were released twenty years ago. 

Thank you to the publishers, Harper Collins Children's Books, for sending me the book to review. 

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