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Friday, 11 October 2013

Practical Child Law for Social Workers by Clare Seymour and Richard Seymour

Practical Child Law for Social Workers

The UK legal system in the area of social work with children and families can be bewildering and complex and it is vital therefore that any textbook on the subject uses case law, case studies and research to critically-engage social workers and students alike. This book does just that - by examining, and putting into clear practical context, the current law and policy relating to social work with children and families. A guide for both students on placement as well as Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSWs) entering their first roles within children and families teams, Practical Child Law for Social Workers is essential reading for a fast-paced and complex area of social work.

I work within the Children's Services sector of a county council and although I do not work within a social worker role, I am regularly in contact with children and their families and therefore need to be aware of Safeguarding policies and procedures. I am also currently studying at university towards a degree in Early Years Studies and therefore have found this book to be a very informative and interesting to read.

The book is split into sections: Rights; Responsibilities; Relationships; Participation; Support; Protection; Substitute Care; Permanence; Independence; and Cooperation. All topics which are regularly considered within the role of workers who work with children and are covered within courses and assignments.

I found the book to be well laid out, with each chapter having clearly identified and presented objectives at the start of the chapter. The chapters all contain activities and legal case studies which relate to the chapter contents, along with research summaries and suggested further reading for each subject. 

The chapters are well laid out, text being broken up with summaries or activities to make practitioners think and reflect upon what they have read. The case studies are well chosen to illustrate the law discussed and referenced for readers who want to look more in depth. 

I think that this is a great book for anyone who is working within the safeguarding of children, child protection, family support or social work sectors. It is also great for university students although I do think that more in depth texts may be needed - however great as a first point of call when researching or planning  assignments.

I received this book through The Amazon Vine Programme. 

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