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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Horrid Henry's Food by Francesca Simon

A Horrid Factbook: Food - Horrid Henry

Packed with fun and freaky facts, this is the perfect guide to everything you ever wanted to know (and lots of things you might never have wanted to know) about FOOD - Horrid Henry style!

My children love the Horrid Henry story books and I think we have just about every book in the popular series,which have been read many times by both of them. These factbooks are a great addition to the series containing real facts about a number of topics.

This book is full of food related facts. Containing a wide and varied range of facts about food this is an interesting book which could be a starting point for further investigation into many topics.

There are facts about fast food, food from around the world, crunchy creepy crawlies and gross grub to name a few of the chapters in this book and each one has well known facts but there are also the wild and wacky ones which will keep the children amused for ages. There are facts included which I can imagine will be the talk of the playground the next day.

As with all Horrid Henry books the text is intermingled with the fantastic illustrations by Tony Ross which add more humour to the book.

This is a great non fiction book for children - both Horrid Henry fans but also for potential cooks and chefs to learn more about food.

Thank you to the publishers, Orion Children's Books, for sending me the book to review.

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