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Friday, 17 August 2012

BFF's by Holly Robbins

Sink or Swim! - BFFs Bk. 1Sink or Swim
It's the start of a new school year, but for Ellie Lovewood, it's also the start of a whole new school, too. Even though her BFF, Jasmine, is going to the same school she can't help worrying - she's always been the quiet and shy one whereas Jasmine wouldn't look out of place on the stage! What if Jasmine finds some more exciting friends to hang out with? Argh! Life was so much easier at primary school! Now there are new lessons, new classmates and new boys to get to know...not to mention the ton of homework that's suddenly landed in her lap and the endless new jokes about her surname! It's time to sink or swim!

Stage Fright - BFFs Bk.2Stage Fright
Ellie and Jasmine have made it to half-term - just! And better still, they've made two new BFFs, Lexie and Nisha, along the way. It's been a nerve-wracking few weeks as the girls have got to know their new school, new classmates, scary teachers and the horrible uniform, which is still far too big and seriously uncool! As the girls return to school after the holiday, Jas has her sights set on a starring role in the Christmas play, but she's in for a BIG shock. Year Sevens aren't eligible for any of the main parts - it's a small role or nothing. Jas can't believe it and is soon set on sabotaging the whole production. Can Jas' friends stop her from being such a drama queen and spoiling the play for completely? 

This is a new series of books written by Holly Robbins and I think that they are perfect for the girls who have outgrown princesses and fairies (as my daughter has) and before they get into books about girls with boyfriends etc.

The main characters, Ellie and Jasmine, are about to start a new school and they are full of a lot of emotions: excitement and happiness, but also lots of worries and fears. 

The first book is based upon the build up to the girls starting a new school and also the first half term at the new school. The second book is about their second half term and the school's annual Christmas performance.

The books are aimed at girls and would be great around this time of year when many children are moving to new schools. The main characters are very believable in their feelings and thoughts about moving school and I am sure there are many children now also having those same thoughts.

The second book also has a very good back story - Jas believes she is good enough to have a main part in the school performance, however when she only makes understudy for the part she had her heart set on, she decides to set up a rival talent show and perform in that instead.  However, not all goes to plan! 

I think these books would make a great gift to any girls who are moving school this year, or any who have strong friendships and have others wanting to also be included within that strong friendship group.

Thank you to the publishers, Stripes Publishing, for sending me the books to review. 

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