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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Dirty Bertie My Joke Book - David Roberts compiled by Amanda Li

My Joke Book (Dirty Bertie)Why do apples on trees remind Bertie of bogeys? They're fresh, green and ready to pick!

This book is packed full of all my favourite jokes. There are smelly jokes, revolting jokes, snotty jokes and rude jokes ..... Take this book into school to amuse your friends and annoy your teachers!

This book is full of jokes that your kids will love! They are all around things that kids love to joke about stinky stuff, school, mind your manners, everything you need to nose!, what a load of rubbish and my family. The jokes are great for kids to retell in the school playground or even at family gatherings, without you having to worry about what the punchline will be. 

This is a great book for children who love revolting jokes. It would also be a great incentive for new or early readers to encourage them to read - the jokes are short and ideal for them to practice their new skills with.

Thank you to the publishers, Stripes Publishing, for sending me the book to review.

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