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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Doodlepedia - doodle and discover a world of fascinating facts

Sharpen your pencil as well as your brain with this interactive colour-in doodle book, "Doodlepedia". Once you've taken out your pens and pencils, you won't want to put "Doodlepedia" down. Add your own drawings and scribbles to the amazing designs and images, and learn as you doodle. Each subject is brought to life with original photography and images on every page, from the wings of symmetry on a butterfly to what's on your TV. "Doodlepedia" is a fact-packed drawing and colouring book that you will love, so use your imagination and get doodling.

There is something in this book for everyone. It would make a great coffee table book which the whole family book could contribute too. There are lots of pictures to colour, finish or add your own piece to a picture!

There is more to this book than a simple colouring book. There are doodles which encompass mathematics, science, history name but a few topics and will capture the child's (and adult's) attention immediately. 

The book is produced on high quality paper and felt tips can be used without fear of bleeding through onto the doodle printed on the other side. 

It is a large book (larger than A4) and has over 100 pages to keep people entertained through wet days and long holidays alike. 

I would recommend this as a great gift for children (and adults) of any age, but would recommend it be accompanied by a pack of felt tips, pencil crayons etc so they can start straight away!

I received this through the Amazon Vine Programme.

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