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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Running for Gold by Owen Slot

Running for Gold

Everyone knows Danny Powell was born to run. But no one knows Danny dreams of beating the fastest man on the planet. Until one day Danny accidentally lets it slip, and that's it. His ambition is out there - and everyone's laughing at him. Except, what if Danny could be the next 100m world champion? With the Olympic Games on his doorstep, there's only one way to find out. Will Danny's family and friends cheer him over that finishing line - and watch his dream come true?
  • From an award-winning chief sports reporter for The Times. Owen will be reporting on the Olympics for The Times, lending even more authority as the author of this series in the lead-up to the Games.

  • The 100m mens final is the one of the most popular Olympic events, and Running for Gold features non-fiction facts and figures woven into an inspiring fictional story.

  • With England hosting The Olympic Games 2012, we are all embracing Olympic fever and there are many books being published around the games and sport in general.

    Running for Gold is about a young boy who is at the top of his sport in Junior leagues and has now set his heart on reaching The Olympics and racing against Usain Bolt.

    The story is one which young children will be able to relate to. There are many children who want to become top athletes. football stars or other sport stars and this book shows that with hard work and dedication there is opportunities for all. 

    The story has two main parts: the first being Danny's fight to qualify for The Olympics and the second story is one which I think is more important - Danny suffers a major upset in the games and his whole world collapses around him but he manages to overcome this and the result is fantastic!

    I think that this book is one which upcoming wannabee sports stars of all ages should read - it is one which shows that through hard work and dedication that   dreams can be realised. Also there is the message that in times when everything goes wrong for you, to get yourself back up and try again.

    This book would be great for sports loving kids and would make a great addition to any school library.

    Thank you to the publishers, Puffin Books for sending me the book to review.

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