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Friday, 20 April 2012

The Great Explorer by Chris Judge

The Great Explorer

When a famous explorer goes missing in the North Pole, his son, Tom, decides he must find him. And so a daring adventure begins across the treacherous icy terrain of the North Pole. Will Tom be able overcome the many challenges ahead and find his father?

This book is perfect for young boys who dream of becoming a great explorer one day. It is about a boy who sets off to rescue his father who has disappeared while on his own adventure.

When I was reading through the book, I was continuously drawn to the beautiful pictures throughout the book and also the ideas and themes covered in the book. The book is set in The North Pole, mentions the Northern Lights, has various methods of transport and includes may animals found at the North Pole. It is for this reason that I think it would be a great book for children to read and then make their own adventures up or extend Tom's adventure. It would make a great book for a class to work with to look at The North Pole as a class theme/topic.

I really do recommend this book to children aged 5-7 years and especially those who dream of going on their own adventure to the North Pole one day.

I received this book as a competition win from the author, Chris Judge, along with two beautiful prints from the book. My review is my honest, unbiased, opinion.

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