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Friday, 20 April 2012

Phonics - Word Families, three letter words and short vowels

In the news recently, it has been discussed that children may face reading tests as early as age 5 and Top That Publishing have published a new range of 'books' to help children Read, Spell and Learn words. 

This new range of books are very cleverly designed on a spiral bound binding and  have a tent fold in the back cover allowing the book to be stood up on a table. Inside the front cover the pages are split into three sets of flip over pages allowing the children to work with the pages to spell words or create word families.

These books are a great idea and I think they will really help children to learn how to spell short words. Although the children may initially learn how to spell the words by matching the pictures across the three flaps, the repetition will help children to learn. There is a useful page entitled 'Notes for Parents' on the back of the front cover which will give some useful hints and tips for parents.

Each flip book has 20 words or sets of words per book. They are common, high frequency words which the children will be learning at school too. It is a great accompaniment to what the children are doing at school.

I recommend these books as a good idea for Reception age children who are beginning to learn to read and write words and use the phonic system at school.

Thank you to the publishers, Top That Publishing, for sending me the books to review.

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