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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Winter Wishes, A Magical Collection of Animal Tales

Winter Wishes

This delightful collection of animal tales is perfect for sharing at bedtime. A young penguin looks forward to his first penguin parade, a snow hare wishes upon a falling star, and a baby seal sets out in search of the singer of the mysterious music he hears underwater...A beautiful addition to our hugely successful range of anthologies, with delightful illustrations from Alison Edgson and featuring brand-new stories from a host of best-loved authors, including Penny Dolan, Michael Broad and Holly Webb.

This is another fantastic anthology of animal stories by Stripes Publishers. They all have a winter and/or Christmas theme but there are a wide range of animals included within the stories. There are the usual dog and cat stories but the book also includes stories about elephants and tigers. My favorite story was The Wish Elephant by Elizabeth Baguley about a girl called Louisa who, along with her family, has moved from England to India. A visit to a local market leads to Elizabeth befriends and setting free an elephant from a trader and the elephant taking Louisa on a nighttime walk to the snowy mountains, a sight she misses in India and remembers due to her snow globe, a present her mother bought her to remember England by.

The stories are the perfect length for sharing at bedtime and there is sure to be at least one story in the book that an animal lover will enjoy, with one of their favorite animals included.  

I like these anthologies published by Stripes - a great selection of authors contribute to these and I was surprised to see Guy Bass included in this book, as one of my recent reads was Stitch Head by Guy Bass, a story completely the opposite to Finding Bigfoot, Bass's contribution to this book, a story about an ape like creature in a forest. However, this story is on par to Stitch Head and was a story I would be able to share with young or older children alike.

I would recommend this as a great stocking filler to animal loving children of all ages, they are lovely for sharing at story or bed time or ideal for 7+ readers to read alone.

Thank you to Stripe Publishing for sending me the book to review.

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