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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Only Four Ingredients - The Australian Women's Weekly

Only Four Ingredients - Australian Women's Weekly Standard

Weeknight meals are always a challenge for the cook. There's the deciding what to eat, the shopping on the way home from work, the preparing and cooking, and the dreaded washing up. A book of delicious, triple-tested Australian Women's Weekly recipes using just 4 ingredients is an inspired solution. Naturally, with only 4 ingredients, the recipes are simple and quick and are all designed for main course meals. Chicken, pasta, seafood, meat, eggs, and vegetables - everything you want for dinner for the family can be on the table in no time with a minimum of fuss.

This is the third Australian Women's Weekly recipe book that I have reviewed and I really do like this series of books. Pies, Savoury and Sweet and Mince It have previously been reviewed on this blog.

The recipes are split into eight chapters: Soups and accompaniments; Eggs, pies and tarts; pasta, grains and pulses (including fast rice); Seafood including tinned tuna and salmon; chicken including fast bbq chicken; beef and veal including pastry bites; lamb including lamb wraps; and pork and easy ham.

As ever with these recipe books from Australian Women's Weekly the recipes are accompanied by fantastic photographs giving serving suggestions. At the end of each recipe is a summary including prep and cooking time; average servings; and the nutritional count per serving including total fat (incl saturated fat); calories; carbohydrates; protein and fibre. The front and back covers contain a pictorial guide to some of the ingredients, including alternative names and basic preparation instructions. Basic kitchen equipment is also pictured. This book also includes a great list of kitchen staples - great for first time home owners to look through when starting out on their own. As ever there is also a page of conversion charts for oven temperatures and liquid, length and dry measures.

Even the index is great, each recipe is listed within the book, and alongside each recipe there is a combination of: F(fast), E (Easy), $(cheap) (the books is from Australia) and/or V(Vegetarian).

One thing I have not mentioned on this blog while reviewing these Australian Women's Weekly recipe books is the price. Each book is priced at a very reasonable £6.99 and with the book full of easy to follow and inspirational recipes, I think that they are a great investment. Perfect for students leaving home for the first time, busy mums wanting quick and easy food for the family or a dinner party host. The books are soft backed, therefore taking up minimal space on bookshelves, another plus point for these great books!

I would recommend this as a great addition to any kitchen library but especially for students or children branching out on their own or for busy parents who need to throw together a quick meal from the contents of their fridge.

Thank you to Octopus Publishing for sending me the book to review.

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