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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A New Day at School as told by Peter Andre

Peter Andre: A New Day at School

Peter Andre is a singer-songwriter, TV Presenter & personality and businessman. Out of all these roles, he feels his most rewarding job is being a dad. When Peter was a kid, he loved his days at primary school, especially with his friends. But some children may feel more nervous. Reading this reassuring story about a young Peter, Debbie and Mike as they all start a new day at school, will help to prepare and reassure young children.

When I heard that Peter Andre was going to write a series of books for children I will admit I was sceptical, however the book clearly states 'As told by Peter Andre' not written by Peter Andre, a lesson learnt there from previous 'authors'.  

Peter Andre has written a letter, which is included within the book, stating that he loves helping his kids through new experiences and unfamiliar situations and wanted to bring them to life in a friendly and fun way for parents and children.

There is also a 'game' within this book, as included in each picture are snails and strawberries - this is a great idea in books, encouraging children to finish each book, looking at each page to find the hidden objects. The illustrations are great, they are of a style I have noticed is becoming more popular among children's books lately, a collage effect, where hand drawn pictures are added to computer generated images along with photo quality clip art images. 

When I saw the title to the book, I must admit I immediately thought about the very popular series Topsy and Tim and their books introducing new experiences to children through the eyes of Topsy and Tim. However when I read this book I realised that this book is very different and although the book does talk about a child's first day at school, the child is going to a school where their old siblings and friends have already attended or attending. I therefore do not think that this book is the right book for a toddler or young child to have before they are starting nursery/preschool for the first day but would be great for a younger sibling who has siblings already at school.

The book was an okay story, with lovely pictures, where lots of discussions could be started from the pictures, but I would not advise this book as the perfect book to give to a child before their first day at a new setting.

Thank you to Ladybird for sending me the book to review.

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