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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Patch! by Cath Kidston


Encapsulating Cath Kidston's new and innovative take on traditional patchwork, Patch! combines the established techniques with a more contemporary approach to the craft. Mixing her own distinctive prints with vintage fabrics, Cath has designed over 30 original and irresistible projects including not just the pieced bedcovers that you might expect but also numerous accessories and homewares - bags, cushions, pillowcases and even a toddler's toy ball and Stanley dog. As with Make!, Sew! and Stitch!, this book includes a unique and exclusive giveaway kit; everything you need to create either the bag or cushion shown on the cover, including printed fabric patchwork pieces plus the fabric and tape needed to finish off the bag or cushion.

Another fantastic addition to Cath Kidston's ever increasing library of needlework books. This book concentrates on Patchwork and includes a fantastic free gift with which you have all the materials to make either the bag or cushion as shown on the front cover.

Patchwork, the art of sewing together cut pieces of material to create a larger design, is become more popular again and can be done using pieces of fabric cut from old clothes, fabrics etc and can be used to decorate no end of projects.

As with all Cath Kidston books, this book begins with a great chapter entitled Basics. There is a page detailing essential equipment; what should be inside a work box, the essentials and the other bits and pieces which will make the job easier; two pages detail the basics for cutting out 'patches', with hints and tips for using templates, using rotary cutters and planing your patches. There is a page on using sewing machines for patchwork and also hand sewing basics with some great pictures accompanying the text. The rest of this section looks at traditional techniques, four of which are discussed in the book; hand applique and the use of embellishments on your designs. How to choose fabrics is discussed in this chapter along with  instructions for hand embroidery stitches.

There are over 30 projects included in the book, with lots of photographs for inspiration all using Cath's gorgeous fabrics. The projects are for a range of abilities, some for the novice whereas others may need a higher level of experience to complete. There are a number of bags; tote, messanger, knitting and wash bags;  cushions; bedcovers, including blankets, bedcovers; beanbag covers; pincushions; pictures and decorating clothes. There are projects suitable for many different ages and their are ideas suitable for presents. There are traditional designs along with many modern, contemporary designs but the beauty of patchwork is that the overall look of a project can be changed by the fabrics used. All templates needed for the projects are included in the back of the book ready to be photocopied.

The projects all have a complete material list, along with a list of items to be cut out. Each project also has a skill level displayed at the start of the project and a general description of the project, along with ideas for  patches or ideas for choosing suitable fabrics. For many of the projects there are drawn pictures showing layouts of patches/pieces of fabric or how to do certain techniques for the projects.

I have found lots of projects that I would love to have a go at from the book and will be on the hunt for suitable fabrics to have a go with!

This would make a great gift idea for needlework or patchwork lovers. It is suitable for novices or more experienced crafters as there are projects suitable for all levels to try. With the added bonus of the materials needed for one project included in the book, a crafter can get started straight away.

Thank you to Quadrille Publishing for sending me the book to review.

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