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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Puffin Post

I was recently sent two copies of Puffin Post for review. I received Puffin Post (Volume 3, Issue 5) and Puffin Post for Puffling (Volume 2, Issue 5).

Puffin Post is a magazine about books for children. It is a subscription only magazine which have two separate magazines, Puffin Post for Pufflings, suitable for children aged six years plus and Puffin Post, suitable for children aged nine years plus. Six issues of the magazine are published each year and subscribers also get to choose a free book each issue too!

Each issue is full of articles, reviews, author information, activities, cartoon strips and exclusive short stories.

In the Puffin Post for Puffling issue I reviewed, there was an article by Andrew Cope about The Spy Dog Joke Book, a recipe for a rattlesnake sausage roll, an extract from Dick King Smith's Smasher, a tutorial on how to draw Puffin Peter, reviews of recent book releases by Puffling readers, author interviews, puzzles, cartoon strips, competitions, an exclusive story by author, Tamsyn Murray, and a sneak peek at the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw. Throughout the issue there are lots of little animal facts and lots of contributions from Puffling readers.

The Puffin Post for readers aged 9 years plus includes lots of contributions by Puffin Post readers including letters, drawings and articles, an article and mathematics challenge by Johnny Ball, an exclusive short story by author, Elen Caldicott, competitions, a tutorial on how to draw Puffin Peter, animal antics, instructions on how to make a paper mache mobile, puzzles. recipes for moon rock biscuits, an exclusive sneaky peek of the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw, installments of an exclusive story, jokes and a sneaky peek of Alex Scarrow's TimesRiders: The Eternal War.

The price for a years subscription to either magazine is £39.00 which includes six issues of the magazine, each magazine includes the option for a free book (there was the choice of 12-14 books to choose from in the issues I reviewed), and a mega membership pack. This seems a very good price for the yearly subscription when including the price of the books and the magazines.

The magazines have a wide range of content and I enjoyed reading what other subscribers thought about the books and topics covered within the issue. The exclusive stories and sneaky peeks included within the magazines are another great addition to the magazine - exclusive to subscribers. There is something for everyone in the magazine and as well as promoting books from Puffin there is lots to learn in the magazine - both educational as well as puzzles, competitions and Jokes to share with friends and families.

A subscription to Puffin Post would make a great birthday or Christmas present for young book lovers which would continue to give for a whole year as magazines and chosen free books will be delivered six times per year,

Thank you to Puffin Post for sending me two complimentary magazines to review.

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