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Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Great Mermaid Rescue (The Magic Secrets Box) by Sue Mongredien

When Megan winds up her antique music box for the first time, she hears a tiny voice calling over the sound of the music - it is the Fairy Queen of the Land of Eight Kingdoms, a magical place far away! She has been imprisoned in the box by the evil enchanter Sorcero, and needs Megan's help. This time, Megan becomes a mermaid and is sent to the Emerald Seas. Here she must help a mermaid called Celeste, who is always telling tall tales. When Celeste tells her friends about seeing a terrifying sea monster, no one will believe her - but this time she's telling the truth! It's up to Megan to befriend the creature to help break Sorcero's spell.

The second book in The Magic Secrets Box series. I have previously reviewed the first book, The Silver City Ballerina, and this book follows a similar storyline. However this adventure takes place in The Emerald Seas, where Megan must save Sandy from being trapped under some stones and all the merpeople from the Sea Monster.

I am sure this series will become as popular as The Rainbow Fairies with young girls. A great gift for young girls and the music box music played via a button on the front cover is a great bonus.

Another great book written by Sue Mongredien and I am looking forward to reading more of the series to see who Megan must rescue next.

Thank you to Stripes Pubishing for sending me the book to review.

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